Incentive Programs Can Increase Revenue How Much?!

Incentive Programs Can Increase Revenue How Much?!

Mark Herbert

Increase revenue with Incentive Solutions

Every year, Incentive Solutions hosts some of its clients for our annual BthruB Leadership Summit. It’s an opportunity for B2B industry leaders to get together to compare notes and exchange ideas. Although our clients represent a ton of different industries, they have a lot in common. Most of them are trying to figure out how to better navigate their distribution channel. How to leverage their business relationships with distributors, dealers, or contractors to increase revenue and stay on top.

BthruB is an important opportunity for us. It gives us a chance to keep our finger on the pulse of the modern B2B sales channel and to stay current on the latest B2B marketing strategies. This allows us to better serve our clients. With that knowledge, we can implement updates to our incentive technology to better serve their needs and to give us insight in how we can be a trusted advisor to them. (Plus, it’s a ton of fun!).

Every year, you hear certain buzzwords: Dealer verification. Improving customer loyalty. Competing with online mega retailers. But recently there’s been a recurring theme. How can we increase revenue across our sales channel? What about ROI?

Incentive Solutions’ New ROI Calculator

What’s important to our clients is important to us. We’re excited to present our new ROI calculator. Existing clients will be able to plug in a couple numbers to see what ROI their incentive program has been able to achieve. People who think they might want to work with Incentive Solutions can play around with those numbers to see what kind of revenue increase they would need from their incentive program. Together we can target that goal.

Interested in an incentive program?


Step-by-step instructions for using the ROI Calculator are included on that page.

What Kind of ROI Can You Expect?

If all of this is new to you, it might be helpful to look at a few case studies to see what kind of ROI our partners have been able to achieve:


Return On Investments

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Avg. Order Quantity Increase

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Participants Sale Increase

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Imagine what it would look like if you could increase revenue that much for your business!

Benefits of ROI: Selling it to the C-Suite

Often the B2B marketing and sales pros who find our website are excited by the possibilities of what they could accomplish with a strategic incentive program. However, a lot of the time they aren’t necessarily the ones who call the final shots. It’s usually necessary to get buy-in form directors, VPs, or C-level executives.

Budget is usually a concern. Timing is a factor. There are meetings to schedule, follow-up conversations. However, if you think an incentive program can increase revenue for your company in a meaningful way, being able to present the possible ROI on paper is a great way to speed up that process!

If you need help projecting what kind of growth you can achieve from your incentive program, we’d love to have those conversations.

A Hands-on, Consultative Approach to Incentive Solutions

How are we able to achieve that kind of ROI? Well, I think there are a couple parts to that answer. For one, a commitment to our clients in embedded deep in the DNA at Incentive Solutions. The feedback we’ve gotten from them over the years has been invaluable. Those relationships have shown us what work and what doesn’t.

Additionally, our incentive technology has evolved during that process (and continues to evolve). Modules such as Performance Tracking empower our clients to get really specific in their approach. With Performance Tracking, they can set up multiple promotions, improve sales verification across their distribution channel, and get more complete B2B marketing data. Our Mobile App allows B2B companies to quickly communicate with dealers and contractors and improves engagement across the board.

However, our incentive technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our dedicated ROI-certified Account Managers work alongside our clients through the lifetime of their incentive program to make sure they’re getting the absolute most from our incentive platforms. It’s that rare synergy between consultation and tech that results in some really cool solutions for our clients.

Looking to design an account based marketing strategy that’s more effective than re-targeted ads and automated emails? We can do that by finding the right people within your distribution channel and personalizing those relationships by rewarding them for helping your business.

Worried about going toe to toe with online mega retailers and overcoming changing distribution channels? We can use incentives to solidify B2B customer loyalty and to gather B2B marketing data that gives your business the upper hand.

And that’s just the tip of the ice burg.