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Partner Solutions for Channel Success

Our data-packed solutions and dedicated support teams are your secret sauce to channel sales.

Through Channel Marketing

Engage partners and own your message with an all-in-one digital marketing solution.

Marketing isn’t always a pleasant to-do for people in the weeds. Luckily, our partner success team and fully packaged digital campaigns make it easy: Your partners simply review and approve, and you get a direct line of sight into customer data and performance. At the end of the day, you both win by selling more in less time with little effort.

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Partner Engagement

Vincent R.

President, Small Business

“Every month, Extu sends an email with updated content from my vendor. It is customizable, as I choose which articles and products to showcase in what order, and when it gets sent out. They email the contacts I provide, and also post regularly for my LinkedIn audience. I’m sure I can do much more with the platform than I already do. As is it meets my needs with little effort required each month, only about 15 minutes to create a professional newsletter.”

Incentive Solutions



Motivate people with the right rewards at the right time with our insights-powered solution.

Our insights engine gives you a comprehensive view of participants’ performance and preferences—including claims, receipts, and redemptions—as well as predictive forecasting for the upcoming quarter. This means you can make smart decisions based on real data and offer rewards that motivate partners to sell more.

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Jonathan Bussone

Marketing Automation Specialist,

“Great collaborators and great problem solvers. Extu does a great job of understanding your pain points within your loyalty/rewards programs and gives a variety of solutions that cater to your customers’ needs.”

Incentive Travel Solutions

Celebrate your highest performers and build loyalty with our one-of-a-kind group travel programs.

We go well beyond travel planning and execution. Our powerful technology makes the most out of your program with an insights hub, real-time data, sales claim tracking, and so much more.

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Increase in sales productivity

Inga Hunter

Sales & Marketing Admin
Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“Extu has been great to work with for our sales incentive trips at Kowa Pharmaceuticals. They are experts in choosing locations, and on location they are the best in the business.”

Meet Our Channel Solutions Experts

Our dedicated program support team offers a strategic partnerships with a human touch. We aren’t removed from the action—we really get to know your business, understand your goals and co-create a B2B marketing solution that sets you up for longterm success.

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Industry Leading B2B Marketing Technology

Get the full picture of channel performance and the data you need to make smarter, more informed decisions. Our data layer is a critical building block of channel success, helping you forecast with confidence and maximize marketing spend.

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Where Marketing Masterminds Are Born

Understand the complete channel story with marketing, sales and finance data that allows you to run better SPIFFs and grow your bottom line.

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