Extu and Michelin Receive 2019 IMA Circle of Excellence Award for All-Star Incentive Marketing and Dealer Incentives

We’re proud to announce that Extu was given the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) 2019 Circle of Excellence Award for our work with Michelin. We’re hugely honored by the award, which recognizes the most outstanding and innovative incentive programs each year.

We’d like to thank Donnice Styles (B2B Dealer Experience Ops Manager) and the rest of the great folks at Michelin for collaborating with us to create an all-star incentive marketing campaign for their small dealer and small fleet segments. Additionally, we’d like to thank IMA President Ted Moravec and the rest of the Incentive Marketing Association for taking the time to recognize us.

Our incentive marketing program with Michelin was a huge success, and it’s cool to watch rewards, incentive technology, and omnichannel communication come together to create all-star incentive marketing that results in the growth of our clients.

We partnered with Michelin to help them improve communication, increase engagement, and gain the support of their small dealer and small fleet segments to improve their future marketing.

The Results of All-Star Incentive Marketing

We helped Michelin establish a mass communication platform and design a dealer rewards program that achieved the following outcomes over the course of 9 months:

  • Overall sales from the Michelin’s small, independent dealer segment increased 5%, which may not seem like a lot until you consider the size and fragmentation of Michelin’s independent dealer fleet.
  • 25% of eligible dealers participated in the promotion. This number is modest in comparison to many of our other case studies, but, again, this comes down to the scope of the target audience.
  • Marketing emails related to the award program had 55% open rates and 27% click-through rates. Those numbers are good for 268% and 780% higher than industry benchmarks, respectively.
  • Using Performance Tracking and Org. Structure and Advanced Reporting Michelin was able to effectively segment their massive audience and run multiple promotions to target specific business goals.
  • Through their rewards program, Michelin was able to collect more complete end-user data and behavioral analytics for their small dealer fleet to improve the success of future marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about all-star incentive marketing or to see how Extu can help grow your business, we encourage you to fill out the quick form at the top of the page or give us a call at (866) 567-7432.


Mark Herbert

President & CEO