Incentive Solutions
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Celebrate your channel partners with strategic incentives that offer the right rewards at the right time.

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Build an Invincible Incentives Platform

Get focused support, custom rewards, and insights-led technology from an industry-leading incentive company.

Our technology is built in-house and ready to fully integrate with your existing systems, making it easy for you to see the full channel picture, track partner performance, and measure ROI.

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Incentive Solutions
Incentive Solutions

Dave Quatela

N. American Marketing Manager, Siemens

“We use the program to increase revenue and profit and prove it, on several products that we offer our B2B customers. The greatest benefit – hitting top line growth.”

Incentive Programs for Longterm Channel Success

It’s not just about incentives and rewards. Our comprehensive solutions are built to meet your individual needs and drive exponential channel growth, at every opportunity.

Channel Incentive Programs

Increase sales by celebrating high performing channel partners with compelling rewards.

Fuel channel partner growth.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Build long-term customer loyalty and improve retention with incentives that make a difference.

Build customer loyalty.

Rebate Program

Capture valuable information and build loyalty with a compelling channel partner and customer rebate program.

Engage and reward buyers.

Sales Incentives Programs

Retain top performers and motivate others to move up with compelling sales incentives.

Increase sales.

Sales SPIFF Programs

Drive smart spiffs and rebates that get attention, move inventory and make way for new products.

Boost sales performance.

Employee Recognition Programs

Improve productivity and company culture by recognizing and rewarding your team.

Motivate employees.

Customizable Rewards that Attract Attention

You can take time guessing the right incentives—or you can make quick, informed decisions. Our Insight Hub allows you to see the rewards that prompt the most action, from a regional perspective all the way down to the individual level. This means you can offer resellers the right rewards at the right time—motivating them, engaging them, and building longterm loyalty.

Online Rewards

Let participants choose their own path. They can redeem points in an online catalog with millions of crave-worthy rewards, including merchandise, event tickets, gift cards, and travel.

Preview the reward catalog.

Travel Incentives

A group trip is the most effective and memorable reward you can offer, making it perfect for your irreplaceable salespeople or channel partners who deserve some extra wine and dine.

Tour incentive travel options.

Debit Cards

If money is what makes them walk the walk, look no further than the Debit Card. The closest thing to hard cash, this reward has a low entry barrier and offers flexibility, convenience, and broad potential.

Dive into debit card rewards.

Incentive Solutions

Incentive Company with Real Service

Our dedicated accounts team has over 25 years helping companies like yours rise above channel inertia with B2B incentives that motivate action and build customer loyalty. With expert guidance on navigating the ins and outs of incentives, you’ll always be in the clear and one step ahead.

Meet our support team.

Incentive Solutions

Tech that Makes Total Sense

Our comprehensive technology offers a fully accessible dashboard, CRM integrations, data analytics, and custom modules so you can make smarter, more informed decisions based on real-time data that tells the whole channel story.

Get in on the analytics action.

Incentive Solutions

Comprehensive Solution that Incentivizes Growth

Incentive Solutions is just one block in the Extu tower. Combined with Through Channel Marketing and Group Travel Incentives, you can fully understand and maximize channel opportunities and watch your bottom line exponentially grow.

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