Drive Your Culture with Employee Engagement Programs

Create an employee recognition program that encourages a culture of performance, growth and accountability. With ever-volatile job markets, employees have been taught to anticipate bad outcomes. Rewards and recognition programs help to ease tensions and create positive environments by reminding employees of their value—and keeping them engaged.

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Employee Motivation Incentivizes Behaviors 

Employee rewards help you meet multiple business goals and influence positive behaviors across departments. Our swift program design and implementation model helps you launch an ideal solution in four to six weeks. These strategic programs are designed to:

  • Increase collaboration, productivity and morale
  • Increase sales, upsells and cross-selling
  • Encourage essential trainings, certifications and innovation
  • Influence employee health, wellness and safety

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Build a Selling Culture With Employee Rewards and Recognition

There are so many benefits to employee recognition programs. With our hands-on support you can establish a total recognition plan that results in true workplace change: top performers feel valued, teams work better together, morale is high, and performance soars. Offering employee recognition and rewards creates a culture where everyone plays a part in your growth—with an increase in selling, upselling and cross-selling.

Employee Motivation

Motivate your employees by making them feel invested in. By establishing a positive work environment and transparent goals, like specific KPIs and performance visibility metrics, your people will be motivated to stay longer and work harder for you. 

Employee Rewards

Retain top performers and reduce employee turnover with rewards that recognize above and beyond behaviors that reinforce your values and drive revenue. Employee rewards are proven to be effective and can take many forms, from on-the-spot reward certificates to travel rewards. And you can make it all super easy with a mobile app for claims submissions.

Employee Engagement

From celebrating milestones and special occasions to enhancing collaboration and feedback channels, there are many ways to boost employee engagement and productivity. Investing in engagement is also a great way to bolster recruitment and onboarding, as you can point to higher satisfaction and retention.

Compelling Work Motivation 

Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Online Rewards

Our online rewards catalog features millions of hot items, from must-see movie tickets to big-ticket electronics.The wide selection means there’s always something that will stick out and motivate every type of person, from your entry-level to your shining stars.

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Debit and Gift Card Rewards

It’s true that debit cards offer versatility and familiarity—but they also improve employee performance, while reinforcing your brand. We also enable you to track reward points to make sure employee recognition programs are always in compliance.

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Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs
Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Incentive Group Travel 

There’s no reward that goes farther than Incentive Group Travel. Memorable trips are the best way to reward your top performers and leave a lasting impression. And the best part is: We take care of all the heavy lifting, from planning the destination details to seeing the full adventure through. 

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Employee Rewards Programs With Real Value

Don’t just take it from us. Watch the video to hear directly from like-sized clients about how we helped them solve culture stagnation and lack of performance by incentivizing the right behaviors through employee recognition programs.

The Extu Difference

There are plenty of employee recognition companies ready to jump at this—but no others that can provide a comprehensive channel experience, from meaningful rewards and recognition strategies to robust technology and standout support. 

Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Standout Support and Service

Get expert ROI support. Our success teams have been helping companies, like yours, achieve their goals for decades. Our incentive experts include:

Our expertise:
  • Custom communications that keep your program participants engaged with mobile push notifications, emails, texts, etc.
  • A team of incentive experts who keep your data secure and ensure your program excels 
  • Strategies for success, including card branding which helps you reinforce your brand

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to speed with departmental and company-wide performance. We give you access to real-time, comprehensive and customizable reports.

Reports include:
  • 60 + reports on participant enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption
  • Dashboards with program performance summaries
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs that track progress and goals
Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs
Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Insightful Incentive Technology

Our recognition and rewards management software gives you the data you need to keep track of employee performance and rewards redemption.

Features include:
  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage and track performance
  • Participant portal that provides access to a rewards catalog and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities