Fool-Proof Through Channel Marketing Programs

Empower resellers with comprehensive partner marketing that’s simple and oh so savvy.

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Through Channel Marketing Solutions that Simply Engage

You can’t make people love marketing—but you can empower your partners to embrace it.

Our pre-packaged content marketing campaigns are designed in-house and prepped for launch so all your partners have to do is review and press send—and all you have to do is watch the sales roll in. It’s a win-win: you both earn more revenue in less time, with fewer resources.

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through channel marketing
Through Channel Marketing Software

Tara Jafari

General Manager, Net Communications

“Extu has complimented Net Communications’ channel marketing strategies in recent years and are always responsive to our needs. It’s a great way to keep in touch with our customers and keeps our unique brand, partner status and business core offerings top-of-mind.”

Proven Results from Our Through Channel Marketing Programs

  • 9x industry average in partner participation
  • $40k expansion of marketing reach
  • $5M increase in pipeline revenue

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  • Average $8M sales increase in first year
  • 80% reduction in cost per MQL

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  • $75M pipeline increase in 8 months
  • 47 new partners added on average

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Through Channel Marketing Software

Service that Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated success teams do the heavy lifting for you and your channel partners. That means you won’t have to answer calls, mitigate concerns or get in the weeds of back-end troubleshooting.

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Through Channel Marketing Software

Tech that Makes Total Sense

Our technology focuses on real-time data, with features and insights that directly drive results. No flashy gimmicks. No over-complicated interfaces. Just intuitive tools that make channel marketing management easy.

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Through Channel Marketing Software

Turnkey Solution that Packs a Punch

Through Channel Marketing is just one block in the Extu tower. Combined with Incentive Solutions and Incentive Travel Services, you can fully understand and maximize channel opportunities and watch your bottom line exponentially grow.

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Little Effort, Big Rewards

Our six-step process makes through channel marketing super easy and effective for getting eyeballs on your products and moving inventory. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Campaign

Our team creates a comprehensive content marketing campaign from a blend of multimedia including infographics, product marketing, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, thought leadership, and topical industry insights.

Step 2: Campaign
Approval & Launch

Your partner receives a Campaign Approval email and can easily review, edit, and schedule their campaign in less than 5 minutes. Once launched, they can maximize exposure with a multi-channel approach, including microsites, lead gen forms, social posts and more.

Step 3: Lead Generation

Content like ebooks, whitepapers, and surveys generate leads every month, while automatically shared social posts reach your partner’s entire LinkedIn audience. Partner surveys facilitate ongoing feedback and improvement.

Step 4: Insights & Lead Qualification

The Insights Hub serves as a CRM for partners, where they receive real-time lead alerts and post-campaign summaries. Lead scores are updated in the dashboard based on engagement, marketing qualified leads, and sales-qualified leads and your partners also get expert guidance from their Extu accounts team.

Step 5: Sales Submissions

We collect sales receipts from your partners so that we can attribute them back to the sent campaigns. This means you’ll be able to see which campaigns garnered the greatest engagement, prompted the most conversions and won the highest returns for your business.

Step 6: Prove Program ROI

With Extu, you won’t have to look far to prove to your boss how your channel marketing efforts are winning. With real-time data to back you up, you’ll be able to demonstrate your program’s ROI based on submitted sales, not on the pipeline! This makes it super easy to prove ROI—and your own, personal value.