Case Study

$8M Sales Increase In One Year

The Situation

 A multi-billion dollar technology company became an Extu client in order to inform and assist targeted IT decision-makers and increase product awareness, interest, and familiarity through channel partners. We provide partners with data-driven customer insights, assist in partner lead management, and access detailed campaign performance analytics and insights relating to partners and end users. 

The Solution

 With our through-channel marketing platform that’s easy for channel resellers to use and includes targeted, engaging content, we helped the client drastically increase sales, maximize partner program participation, and increase marketing qualified leads (MQLs)—in just one year! All of these factors led to a reduced cost per MQL by 80%, driving the ROI up to 15:1. 


  • 100% Partner Engagement
  • 414 MQLs
  • 7:1 ROI

We don’t just help brands increase sales with more product marketing. We create a multimedia mix of content marketing for brands, including industry news, thought leadership, webinars, infographics, and more. This content effectively engages partners, reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of partner marketing.

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