Compete Better With Our Channel Incentives

Get front and center in your partners’ minds and rise above the competition. Our channel incentives help you stand out in the market and win the attention of B2B customers by providing something they can’t get anywhere else: a rewarding channel experience. When you offer partners compelling rewards for selling your products, they will remember you, work harder for you, and keep you top of mind. 

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Channel Incentive Programs that Grow Your Reach

Ignite channel partner engagement and motivate them to sell more. Our experts will help you align your incentive program with your channel management strategy so you can unlock the full potential of channel distributors, dealers, contractors, and customers. 

A channel sales strategy loaded with benefits:

Channel Partner Engagement

Close the gap between you and your channel partners by engaging, educating, and enabling them. Retain top B2B partners and customers, increase product knowledge, and drive participation in campaigns and promotions—all while improving partners’ experience with you.

Revenue Growth through Sales Motivation

Increase sales without discounting products. Incentivize buyer habits that help you cut costs and boost your bottom line. With data-rich incentive plans managed by experts, you can drive behaviors that drive measurable revenue growth.

Services that Save You Time and Resources

We do the heavy lifting of incentive program management so you can save time and resources. From full-time participant support to ROI measurement and creative marketing, we run your program with expert efficiency.

Actionable Insights and Provable ROI

With real-time dashboards, filterable data, and predictive analytics, you always have a clear view of your program’s performance. Rely on clean, simplified data for provable ROI and insights that help you proactively drive channel growth.

Sales and Customer Data at Your Fingertips

Sales incentives motivate channel partners to submit more customer data. Reward partners for uploading warranty registrations, invoices, and other sales data. Personalize marketing and improve sales strategies with a greater understanding of your channel.

Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Sergio Lemus

Sr. Manager Customer Marketing N. America, Kimberly-Clark

“Extu helped us focus on the areas where the channel incentive program can grow then take quick action, and we’ve seen the successful results of that.”

The Extu Difference

There are plenty of channel incentive program providers out there—but our flexible, personal approach sets us apart. We run our program on two core beliefs: no two sales channels are alike, and technology alone doesn’t drive sales and marketing results. Our solution goes well beyond rewards, offering custom, full-scale sales and marketing tools backed by powerful technology and human-centric service. 

Insightful Incentive Technology

Get the flexibility you deserve. Our powerful technology allows you to create a unique solution to overcome your unique channel challenges.

Features include:
  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage and track performance
  • Participant portal that provides access to a rewards catalog and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities
Channel Partner Incentive Programs
Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to speed with your program’s value and performance. We give you access to real-time, comprehensive and customizable reports.

Reports include:
  • Program enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption
  • Personal dashboard with a comprehensive summary of program performance   
  • Real-time goal and progress tracking

Standout Support and Service

Get expert channel support. Our partner success teams have been helping companies, like yours, achieve their goals for decades.

Our incentive experts include:
  • In-house developers responsible for program updates and improvements as well as performance and security  
  • Dedicated account managers focused on meeting your ROI goals 
  • Full-time teams focused on reward program redemption and participant support
  • Incentive marketing specialists who develop full communication plans to boost program activity
Channel Partner Incentive Programs

More About Channel Sales Incentives

Stay in the know with these free resources that include actionable guides for setting up a successful channel incentives program.

Channel Partner Incentive Programs

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Channel Partner Incentive Programs

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Channel Partner Incentive Programs

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