Boost Activity with Sales SPIFF Programs

Sales performance incentive funds (SPIFFs) , are designed to encourage changes in behaviors by providing an instant bonus for selling a certain product. When your sales reps are immediately rewarded for that sale, they feel instantly gratified—and instantly motivated to sell more.

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Sales Performance Incentive Funds Made for Success

Boost Sales Team Motivation

Use our optional, add-on modules to boost sales performance and motivation in many ways—with a sales leaderboard that promotes friendly competition, rewards that incentivize B2B sales training, and more.

Implement Your Program Quickly

Our support and implementation teams are here to get you on the right track with a custom sales SPIFF program, and up and running in no time.

Move Old Inventory with Sales Promotions

Free up space and reduce dead inventory costs by creating a sales SPIFF—giving your partners a good reason to sell specific products and get them off the shelf.  

Increase Sales of New or Under-performing Products

A sales SPIFF program is super effective at giving underperforming products a second wind and gaining momentum for new products—all at crucial moments, when it matters most.

Build Brand and Customer Loyalty 

A sales SPIFF program isn’t designed for building long-term affinity, but it does drum up enough in-the-moment brand preference to cut out the competition. 

SPIFF Programs

Dan Reinert

Vice President Sales,
Mr. Steam

“A good company to create an environment that incentivizes our key dealers to sell more of our products and get rewarded for it.”

The Extu Difference

We understand that our clients need results—and they need them fast. That’s why we offer a sales SPIFF program that’s flexible, agile and backed by powerful data with personal support.

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Get crucial facts on program performance with real-time, comprehensive data available around the clock:

  • In-depth reports on participant activity, including sign-ups, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption
  • Personal dashboard with a comprehensive overview of program performance   
  • Real-time goal and progress tracking
SPIFF Programs
SPIFF Programs

Standout Support and Service

Our partner success teams have been helping companies like yours achieve their sales incentive goals for decades. Our incentive experts include:

  • In-house developers responsible for program updates and improvements as well as performance and security  
  • Dedicated account managers focused on meeting your ROI goals
  • Full-time teams for reward program redemption and participant support
  • Creative specialists who boost program engagement with free or custom communication plans

Insightful Incentive Technology

Our powerful core platform allows for custom, add-on features so that you can create a SPIFF incentive solution built just for you. Features include:

  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage the program
  • Participant portal that provides access to a rewards catalog and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities
SPIFF Programs