Break the Mold with a Sales Incentive Program

Any company can offer sales incentives, but the real value of a sales incentive program is what it accomplishes—and Extu stands apart with industry-leading tools, technology, and service that help you increase motivation and exponentially grow the channel. Why not break the mold by creating a custom program that offers the right rewards, to the right partners, at the right time? 

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Incentives that Reap Sales Motivation and Revenue

Achieve greater B2B sales performance with sales incentives that engage, training that builds confidence, data that tells the full story, and service that supports every step. Our sales incentive programs are custom built to help you address your specific challenges in these ways:

Increased Sales Motivation

Motivate and drive sales with incentive debit cards, gift cards, millions of points-based rewards, or once-in-a-lifetime trips. Additional features such as a public Leaderboard power up sales motivation through emotional and social rewards.

Sales Enablement and Education

Online training incentives increase your sales teams’ product knowledge and confidence, while gamification, rewards, and communications maximize participation and engagement.

More B2B Sales Data, Less Hassle

Enrich your B2B sales data by streamlining data exchanges with mobile sales claim submission and verification tools. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate your all-in-one program with other channel platforms.

Track Incentive Program ROI and Sales Growth

Target specific business initiatives and KPIs with a flexible, software-based sales incentive plan. Track and measure program progress in real-time so you always know your ROI.

Our Most Compelling Sales Incentives Rewards:

There are many ways to slice the reward pie and each one has unique advantages—but these are the rewards that we find work best when motivating and celebrating your sales force.

Sales Incentive Programs

Online Rewards

With our online rewards programs, you can reward salespeople with digital points. Participants can then use these points to redeem rewards through an online catalog with millions of options, from event tickets and media to electronics and home goods. The wide selection means there’s always something that will stick out and motivate every sales person, from your entry-level to your shining stars.

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Sales Incentive Programs

Debit and Gift Card Rewards

It’s true that debit and gift cards offer versatility and familiarity. But they have two additional advantages that make them a great choice for almost any program: they can be white labeled to reinforce your brand, and you have the option to use virtual codes that participants can spend in local, online stores. This makes debit cards the perfect sales incentives for a global participant base.

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Sales Incentive Programs

Incentive Group Travel 

No other sales incentives go farther than Incentive Group Travel. Memorable trips are the best way to reward your top performers and leave a lasting impression. And the best part is that we take care of all the heavy lifting, from planning the destination details to seeing the full adventure through. 

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The Extu Difference

There are plenty of channel software providers out there—but our flexible, personal approach sets us apart. We run our channel incentives on two core beliefs: no two sales channels are alike, and technology alone doesn’t drive sales and marketing results. Our solution goes well beyond rewards, offering custom, full-scale sales marketing tools backed by powerful technology and human-centric service. With our channel experts by your side, you will gain insights that help you continuously improve channel marketing and sales strategies and achieve real, lasting results.

Insightful Incentive Technology

Get the flexibility you deserve. Our powerful technology allows you to create a unique solution to overcome your unique channel challenges.

Features include:
  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage and track performance
  • Participant portal that provides access to a rewards catalog and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities
Sales Incentive Programs
Sales Incentive Programs

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to speed with your program’s value and performance. We give you access to real-time, comprehensive and customizable reports.

Reports include:
  • Detailed, customizable reports on participant enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption.  
  • Dashboards with program performance summaries
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs that track progress and goals

Standout Support and Service

Get expert channel support. Our partner success teams have been helping companies, like yours, achieve their goals for decades.

Our experts include:
  • In-house developers that constantly make tech improvements and monitor our software’s performance and security  
  • Dedicated account managers focused on surpassing your ROI goals 
  • Full-time teams focused on reward program redemption and participant support
  • Incentive marketing specialists who develop full communication plans to boost program engagement
Sales Incentive Programs
Sales Incentive Programs

Dave Quatela

N. American Marketing Manager

“We use the program to increase revenue and profit and prove it, on several products that we offer our B2B customers. The greatest benefit – hitting top line growth.”