Win Big with a Debit Card Reward Program 

Get more out of your channel partners with an easy and effective prepaid debit card reward program. Debit cards are the fastest way to motivate any audience, giving channel partners the freedom to choose what they spend their debit card rewards on. Offer partners endless possibilities and earn bona fide brand loyalty.

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Debit Card Reward Programs That Work

Debit Card Rewards

Reloadable Debit Card Rewards

A sustainable option, reloadable debit cards allow you to add funds whenever your partners hit their goals.

Debit Card Rewards

Virtual Debit Card Rewards

This convenient reward allows participants to use virtual debit cards online or on their phones.

Debit Card Rewards

Prepaid Debit Card Rewards

Single-use, prepaid debit cards allow participants to redeem wherever and whenever they choose.

Boost Debit Card Rewards With Extra Incentives 

Rewards are great—but don’t sell yourself short. Debit card rewards work harder for you when paired with one of our incentives programs.

Sales Incentives Programs

If you rely on sales teams, we can help you build an incentive program that uses a debit card rewards program to keep them motivated. Funds can be instantly distributed to top performers for quick turn-arounds—boosting revenue from sales promotions.

Channel Incentive Programs

Make the most out of your channel with a strategic rewards program that uses debit card incentives to build loyalty and drive sales. The versatility and broad appeal of debit cards make them ideal for diverse and global channels.

Customer Loyalty Program

Build a winning B2B loyalty program with debit card rewards. Not only are they preferred by a wide pool of partners, debit cards also give you a competitive edge and improve your overall brand experience.

The Extu Difference

Debit cards aren’t complicated—but they do require personal support and hassle free technology. That’s where we come in: offering a combination of thought leading, strategic support and robust, yet intuitive tech. 

Debit Card Rewards

Insightful Incentive Technology

Our debit card rewards management software gives you the data you need to keep track of partner performance and redemption. Features include:

  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage and track performance
  • Participant portal that provides access to an online rewards mall and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities
Debit Card Rewards

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to speed with your program’s value and effectiveness. We give you access to real-time, comprehensive and customizable reports that include:

  • 60 + reports on participant enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption
  • Dashboards with program performance summaries
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs that track progress and goals
Debit Card Rewards

Standout Support and Service

Get expert debit card support with partner success teams have been helping companies, like yours, achieve their goals for decades. Our ROI-trained experts include:

  • Custom communications that keep your program participants engaged with mobile push notifications, emails, texts, etc.
  • A team of incentive experts who keep your data secure and ensure your program excels 
  • Strategies for success, including debit card branding which helps you win mind and market share

Debit Card Reward Programs FAQ

What’s the main benefit of debit card rewards?

Participants love them! It’s tough to find incentive rewards that motivate every individual. But that’s the beauty of debit cards: unlimited choice, unlimited reward potential, and quick and easy redemption.

Are debit card reward programs tough to manage?

Not for you. From distribution, to management, to marketing, to compliance and security—we do all the heavy lifting in the background so you can rest assured with a smooth-running program.

Are debit card reward programs secure?

Yes: You and your participants’ security is our top priority. We operate within PCI & HIPPA compliance and programs and participant information with complex validation, processing, and risk management procedures.

Debit Card Rewards Get Real Results


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