Stand Out with a Robust Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can feel one size fits all. Why not stand out with a B2B loyalty strategy that strengthens partnerships for the long haul while driving revenue? With our comprehensive range of rewards and insights-powered technology, you can incentivize sales and understand your customers’ behaviors—allowing you to make proactive, data-informed decisions. 

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Customer Loyalty for Long-Term Engagement

We get it—it’s frustrating when knowledge gaps block full visibility into your channel partners’ performance. Beyond that, it can be tough to build real relationships through the channel. That’s why we designed our customer loyalty programs to help you see the full channel story, better engage with your partners and reward them for their loyalty. With Extu, you get real, tangible value.

Better Understand Your Audience

Access powerful customer data through real-time charts, reports, dashboards, and predictive analytics. This data allows you to see shifts and trends in buyer behavior so that you can improve customer communication and the entire customer experience.

Increase Customer Engagement and Retention

Increase customer retention and customer engagement by offering sought-after rewards and valuable education on your products. When you can both motivate and educate your customers, they will be incentivized to increase average spend, drive more big ticket purchases, and remain loyal to your brand.

Organize and Optimize Your Rewards Program

Prove your B2B loyalty ROI by building a better customer loyalty program in less than 8 weeks. Our tools allow you to organize all your B2B loyalty rewards programs under one roof, see the big picture and optimize your results.

Customer Retention Creates Real Value 

Hear how we’ve helped our clients build long-term loyalty that typically takes years to establish. Our customer loyalty programs have shown that it doesn’t take years if you offer the right channel incentives at the right time.

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The Extu Difference

There are plenty of customer loyalty companies out there—but no others that can provide a comprehensive channel customer experience, from meaningful rewards to group travel, and keep you up to speed on your channel partners. Let us do the heavy lifting while you grow your market share, customer retention, profit margins and overall channel performance. 

Customer Loyalty Programs

Insightful Incentive Technology

Prioritize interactions over transactions. Our loyalty rewards program gives you the data you need to build lasting relationships across channel partners.

Features include:
  • Administrative portal that allows you to manage and track performance
  • Participant portal that provides access to a loyalty rewards catalog and points balance
  • Add-on modules that allow for customization and expanded capabilities

Real-time Data, Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to speed with your program’s value and performance. We give you access to real-time, comprehensive and customizable reports.

Reports include:
  • Detailed, customizable reports on participant enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption.  
  • Dashboards with program performance summaries
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs that track progress and goals
Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer Loyalty Programs

Standout Support and Service

Get expert channel support. Our partner success teams have been helping companies, like yours, achieve their customer loyalty goals for decades.

Our expertise:
  • In-house developers that constantly make tech improvements and monitor our software’s performance and security  
  • Dedicated account managers focused on surpassing your ROI goals 
  • Full-time teams focused on reward program redemption and participant support
  • Incentive marketing specialists who develop full communication plans to boost program engagement

Customer Loyalty Programs With Bonafide Results

Customer Loyalty Programs
See how one customer loyalty client got 8x more revenue from participating customers.
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Customer Loyalty Programs
Dive into how our clients earned a whopping 319% increase in average orders by rewarding channel partners. 
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Customer Loyalty Programs
See how one client saw a 10x increase in e-commerce purchases through customer loyalty rewards. 
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Improve Your Loyalty Rewards Program

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