BthruB: An Annual Summit for B2B Industry Leaders

Where the best in B2B share their brightest ideas.

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The B2B Leadership Summit gives B2B industry leaders the chance to share valuable insights.

We coined the term BthruB to reflect the nature of modern channel sales. Today, most businesses rely on selling through intermediary businesses to reach the end consumer. No matter the industry, many of our partners share similar challenges in figuring out how to navigate their sales channel. Every year, we host a select group of clients for an all-expenses-paid thought exchange. The BthruB Leadership Summit gives us the opportunity to learn from our clients, to identify cross-industry patterns, and to use the insight we gain to implement better solutions for our clients.

BthruB Leadership Summit

What do our client’s gain from The BthruB Leadership Summit?

  • Connect with B2B industry leaders and incentive marketers to find common solutions and network across industries.
  • Learn about the latest trends in B2B sales and how to use incentives to form longstanding business relationships with channel partners.
  • Benefit from hundreds of years of combined experience.
  • Spend time with your favorite incentive program management company. It’s okay, we don’t bite.
  • Work one-on-one with your account management team to hash out any improvements you’d like to see.

Not to brag, but we work with some pretty great clients…

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