Incentive Card Options For Top Performing Reward Programs [Infographic]

Incentive Card Options For Top Performing Reward Programs [Infographic]

Nichole Gunn

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The best reward programs all have one thing in common: they offer amazing rewards.

Simple enough, right? Define the word “amazing,” and soon your incentive program will skyrocket your company’s sales and overall growth.

Luckily, seasoned incentive program providers really have made it simple. Tireless research on both successful incentive programs and the demographics they target has generated incredible reward options with a wide-spread appeal.

Today we’ll take a closer look at one of the most popular reward types on the market: incentive cards. Showcasing the popular debit card and gift card reward program, check out our infographic below to see how your incentive program can stand to benefit from them.

Card Incentives: Debit & Gift Card Rewards

Incentive Card Options For Top Performing Reward Programs [Infographic]

Is an Incentive Card Program Right for You?

Loyalty program statistics show that 36% of users prefer card-based programs. The reason? From versatility to the speed of delivery, debit and gift card rewards provide an endless amount of options that any personality can get behind.

With the help of incentive technology, automatic redemption tracking, reward balance tracking, and card delivery are easier than ever. Choose from over 175+ brand names with incentive gift cards, or deliver rebates on a weekly basis via a debit card with your company’s branding. Program participants can access their rewards based on their personal preference, be it virtually, through email or smartphone, or a physical version of the card.

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