5 Ways to Improve Your HVAC End User Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Improve Your HVAC End User Marketing Strategy

Nichole Gunn

hvac supplemental purchase data

In HVAC distribution channels, manufacturers often have little to no knowledge about their end-users. Though you may have excellent relationships with your channel partners, today’s end user marketing strategies require extensive data to provide seamless, personalized customer experience. Rewarding channel partners for collecting more data can make each sale more valuable and informative. An incentive program can help you increase warranty registrations from 37% to 92%, for example. Let’s take a look at some of the additional end-user data you can motivate your channel partners to collect:


hvac supplemental purchase data
Supplemental Purchase Data

Reward channel partners for collecting additional data about end-users’ HVAC system set-up and product knowledge.

hvac warranty registrations
Warranty Registrations

By rewarding channel partners for submitting warranty registrations, you can increase sale value & collect additional end-user information.

end user marketing strategy
Invoices & Receipts

Rewarding channel partners for uploading invoices and receipts allows you to more accurately document your customers’ purchase history and follow buying behaviors.

aftermarket services
Aftermarket Services

Motivate channel partners to schedule aftermarket services on the spot, bypassing the difficulty of scheduling these services later and collecting more customer data upfront.

hvac demographic data
Demographic Data

Demographic data such as your end-users’ age, gender, marital status, or job title can give you the insights you need to create a better, more personalized end user marketing strategy. Reward channel partners for collecting this information which benefits your entire distribution channel in the long run.