Case Study

Dealer Reward Program Increases Warranty Registrations from 37% to 92%

The Situation

This global manufacturer of mobility products—including wheelchair-accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts—​turned to us to improve sales data collection. Dealers were submitting warranty registrations, but without one key piece of information: end-user email addresses. This made it difficult to contact end-users.

The Solution

Extu helped the manufacturer offer branded, reloadable debit card rewards. Whenever participants in the dealer reward program met the manufacturer’s goal, they earned funds on their reloadable card. The amount ​of rewards earned depending on two things:

  • Warranty registration submission within two days of sale
  • Inclusion of end-user email address

Every few days after the two-day window, dealers lost rewards. They also lost rewards for submissions missing a valid email address.​

​The reward structure incentivized dealers to​:

  • See end-user email address as a necessary part of sales
  • Submit warranty registrations soon after point of sale

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of dealers and sales reps participated


of participants reported preference for the new program

37% to 92%

Increase of complete warranty registration submissions