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Get hands-off digital marketing and B2B lead generation tools that are free of charge, easy to use, and smart for your business.

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High Quality Campaigns Packed with Capabilities

Our pre-packaged co-op marketing tools are designed in-house and ready for launch so all you have to do is review and press send. Once launched, you’ll gain valuable insight into customers and campaign performance.

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Channel Partner Marketing Support

Little Effort, Big Rewards

Our six-step process makes indirect marketing super easy and effective for getting eyeballs on your products and moving inventory. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Campaign

Our team creates a comprehensive campaign from a blend of multimedia content including infographics, product marketing, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, thought leadership, and topical industry insights.

Step 2: Campaign
Review & Approval

A Campaign Approval form is emailed over so you can easily review, edit, and schedule the campaign in less than 5 minutes.

Step 3: Campaign

The campaign launches, maximizing exposure through microsites, landing pages, lead gen forms, automated social posting, and more.

Step 4: Lead

Gated assets such as ebooks, whitepapers, and surveys generate leads every month, while automatically shared social posts reach your entire LinkedIn audience.

Step 5: Campaign &
Lead Insights

You also receive real-time lead alerts and post-campaign summaries including leads, campaign performance, and best practices. The Insights Hub is your one-stop-shop for scoring and prioritizing leads.

Step 6: Lead

Lead scores are updated in the dashboard based on engagement, marketing qualified leads, and sales-qualified leads so you can follow up quickly and seize opportunities.

Partner Marketing That’s Simple and Totally Worth It

Zero Cost

Get masterful MDF marketing at no cost. Your favorite brands subsidize campaigns in return for your loyalty. It’s a win-win: when you deploy smart content, you sell more—which means you both earn more revenue.

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High Quality

Send top-notch content without writing a word. Our professionally-written thought leadership content, e-books and infographics are industry leading and designed to attract your customers’ attention with relevant topics.

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Enterprise Grade

Deliver fully-integrated digital campaigns in minutes. What typically takes an entire marketing team can be deployed in no time with Extu. That’s because we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on sales.

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Lead Generating

Leverage your existing network and take the grunt work out of finding leads. Our platform allows you to securely upload details of subscribers and followers and cleverly target them with campaigns, newsletters and social posts.

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Actionable Data

Stay up to speed with in-the-moment data that tracks sales leads. Our comprehensive online campaign reporting offers valuable insights into who’s engaging with your content and who’s ready to buy.

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Standout Service

Navigate channel marketing with ease and confidence. Our partner success teams are here to guide you through effective marketing, from campaign strategy to following up with leads and closing deals.

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