What Is Your Contractor’s Loyalty Worth? New Article in Mechanical Hub Magazine

What Is Your Contractor’s Loyalty Worth? New Article in Mechanical Hub Magazine

Mark Herbert

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Are your dealers or contractors really feeling the value of your channel loyalty program? Do you offer rewards and technology that motivate and engage, or does your loyalty program feel more like a burden? In her new Mechanical Hub article, What Is Your Loyalty Worth to Your Supplier?, Nichole Gunn tackles the concept of the channel loyalty program from the perspective of the contractor. This piece helps manufacturers and suppliers dig a little deeper into their loyalty and reward offerings to their channel partners, and whether they offer true value and an authentic display of appreciation.

Gunn suggests that contractors look for supplier loyalty programs that have these three features or qualities:

Relevant Promotions

You should offer contractors personalized communications and promotions, and this personalization should extend to reward-earning opportunities. For example, the loyalty program could offer discounts on pre-seasonal sales as a major benefit to contractors.

Effortless Data Submission

In a Dun & Bradstreet and Adweek study, most B2B marketers said their biggest hurdles concerned customer data such as “Lack of insight into the customer journey” (26%) or “Lack of available data sources” (21%). You should not only reward contractors for providing this highly valuable data, but make data submission fast and easy for them. A document upload tool with claims verification, for example, allows contractors to submit warranty registrations, invoices, and other sales claim documentation right from the field and receive an instant rewards.

Mobile Accessibility & Real-Time Alerts

Your contractor loyalty program should be mobile-accessible, so contractors can use the program wherever, whenever, whether in the field, at home, or in an office. This should include push notifications and alerts, so contractors receive promotion alerts when it’s convenient, i.e. before they buy or sell a qualifying product.

Desirable Rewards

Desirable rewards are a key ingredient of an effective contractor loyalty program. The loyalty program’s rewards should be valuable to contractors and proportional to the actions you reward them for. Would they rather have gift cards than debit cards? Would they prefer discounts to reward points and catalogs? Today’s technology opens up the possibilities of loyalty program rewards, so you should deliver contractor rewards with high, personal value that make it worth their time to go the extra mile.

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