Loyalty Management Software: Matching Modular Platforms with Your Goals

Loyalty Management Software: Matching Modular Platforms with Your Goals

Nichole Gunn

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If you’ve read The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook, chances are you’re interested in learning more about the loyalty management software that empowers the strategies and solutions we discuss in the eBook. Well, today, you’re in luck!

Page 27 of The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook provides a quick overview of our loyalty management software modules (you can find a similar overview here). But what makes our loyalty management software unique isn’t what it does, but rather how the different parts of our platform come together to enable you to achieve your business goals.

We’ll be looking at six common goals companies have for their loyalty programs and explaining which parts of our modular loyalty management platform help them achieve those goals.

6 Common Goals Businesses Have for Their Loyalty Program

Obviously, the primary goals for a B2B loyalty program will be to drive customer loyalty, improve customer retention, and increase profitability. These are outcomes that every element of a loyalty program – from the strategy, to the software, to the rewards – work holistically to achieve.

However, there are a multitude of factors that go into achieving this final outcome. These secondary goals include:

  1. Collecting and accessing more actionable customer data.
  2. Educating buyers on your brand and products.
  3. Improving communication with your customer base.
  4. Creating more consistent and exciting brand engagements.
  5. Promoting specific product lines.
  6. Segmenting your customers for more personalized marketing and accurate reporting.

Loyalty management software modules target each of these goals so that businesses can achieve the loyalty, retention, and profitability they desire.

loyalty management software modules

Goal 1: Collecting and accessing more actionable customer data.

In today’s B2B sales channel, data is more important than ever. After all, how can businesses provide the personalization and enablement that drive modern B2B customer relationships, if they don’t have good, clean, actionable data? Loyalty programs are a great opportunity for businesses to collect that data. Customers are more likely to share contact, firmographic, and demographic data when great rewards are on the other end of that registration form or survey.

In addition to custom enrollment forms, these loyalty management software modules help business collect and act on this data:

  • CRM Integration CRM Integration allows businesses to keep all of their data in one place and to easily monitor how engaged their accounts are and where they are in their buyer’s journey.
  • Open Enrollment Open Enrollment allows new or unknown customers to enroll in the loyalty program, capturing any necessary datapoints along the way.
  • Performance TrackingPerformance Tracking enables customers to submit claim submissions, rebate forms, warranty registrations, and additional documentation, which lets you collect the data you need throughout your channel. (Ask about our add-on Verification tool!).

Goal 2: Educating buyers on your brand and products.

A huge component of loyalty with customers and channel partners is enabling them to understand your products. Even for B2C loyalty, it’s necessary for vendors to constantly educate customers on the values of your brand and products – but this is especially true for B2B sales, where purchases are usually higher investment and the stakes are higher. Your loyalty program site, as well as the standard communication platforms and banner announcements that come included, provide important opportunities to use content to educate customers and keep them informed of your latest offerings.

However, we also have a loyalty management software module that is designed to provide interactive education to your participants:

  • Learn-and-EarnLearn-and-Earn allows you to create interactive trivia and quizzes for your participants and assign reward points for completion or performance. This motivates them to actively engage with supporting content.

Learn-and-Earn Loyalty Program Software for Education and Trivia

Goal 3: Improving communication with your customer base.

In addition to the loyalty program website and omnichannel communication tools that come standard, we provide custom communication and marketing services. However, you can take more control over your own loyalty program communication with the following software module:

  • Advanced Communications Advanced Communications lets you schedule triggered emails, and allows customers set their communication preference so that you can communicate with them through the best mediums.

Goal 4: Creating more consistent and exciting brand engagements.

After all, isn’t creating more exciting brand engagements that keep customers coming back what a loyalty rewards program all about? In addition to millions of awesome rewards, loyalty management software enables you to provide participants with more fun and connected experiences.

  • Integration ServicesIntegration Services allows you to provide single sign-on for seamless UX across your ecommerce site, customer portal, loyalty program, LMS, or any other 3rd party application.
  • Mobile AppMobile App empowers participants to interact with your brand no matter where they go.
  • GamificationSpin-to-wins and scratch-off point bonuses at enrollment motivate invitees to begin interacting with your loyalty program from the jump
  • Learn-and-EarnIn addition to its educational application, Learn-and-Earn can also be used as a fun, daily trivia platform to keep customers coming back to your ecommerce site.

Goal 5: Promoting specific product lines.

For vendors, it’s important to be able to target promotions to increase sales of high margin products, speed up adoption rates for new product launches, and to move underperforming products to free up space.

  • Performance Tracking Performance Tracking allows you to set up multiple promotions by product, region, or participant type to specifically target strategic objectives.

Loyalty Software Performance Tracking

Goal 6: Segmenting your customers for more personalized marketing and accurate reporting.

Finally, a huge priority for many businesses is accurate reporting and being able to organize their data in hierarchical structures that make sense. Doing so allows businesses to move closer to the one-to-one exchanges that customers and marketers alike crave.

  • Structure and Advanced ReportingThis loyalty management software module lets businesses segment their audience by different organizations, regions, or participant types, to address specific needs and provide custom reporting to each level of management on a need-to-know basis.

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