Reward Stories: Real Employees, Really Great Employee Incentive Program Ideas

Reward Stories: Real Employees, Really Great Employee Incentive Program Ideas

Courtney Collins

Reward Stories

Here at Incentive Solutions, not only do we develop, build, and manage employee incentive programs for our clients- we use one ourselves! Recognized back in March by Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the Top 150 places to work in 2020, we have no doubt that our employee incentive program ideas and execution have helped earn this title.

Today we have a special treat- employee recognition story time with three of our very own ISI employees! Before we hear from our incredible team, let’s take a quick look into the employee incentive program we run here at Incentive Solutions.

Our In-House Employee Incentive Program

Our company mission statement is: “To inspire growth- for our clients and our employees.” While the customer is of the upmost importance to us, we know that our client stories wouldn’t carry half as much praise if it weren’t for our hardworking employees. What goes into our employee incentive strategy? A combination of recognition, software, and social tools that inspire growth.

Employee Incentive Programs Build Relationships

The key behind consistent workplace growth is motivation. As a company, we understand that internal motivation ebbs and flows, which is why we work as a team to carry the torch of inspiration, lighting the flames of others when they can’t themselves. Our group of fun, passionate, and supportive coworkers was not built over-night. As part of our employee incentive program, our peer relationships are developed by:

  • Monthly workplace events during working hours for guaranteed socializing;
  • Higher scale, fully catered corporate events where employees can gather outside of work and bring their families; and
  • An online, social-media inspired recognition platform for peers to recognize coworkers for going above and beyond.

Research shows that employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to coworker relationships as opposed to direct supervisors. These events give our employees the time and space to build relationships and emotionally invest in our company. They can also improve collaboration, making for higher productivity.

Employee Incentive Program Rewards

Another major part of our employee incentive program are the rewards and recognition. Our employee reward package consists of merchandise, travel, and event options as part of a point-based reward system. Points are awarded in a variety of different ways, ranging from on-the-spot awards for moments of exemplary behavior, to quarterly point awards for meeting department goals. With thousands of options to choose from in our online reward catalog, each employee can enjoy a personalized reward experience.

The Employee Incentive Program Stories

This brings us to our employee reward stories. Check out the videos below of how three of our beloved employees have chosen to spend their reward points over the years, and how their employee recognition program enhanced their lives.

Incentive Solutions: The Ultimate Engagement

Our Art Director, Daley Serpico, shares how she redeemed her employee reward points for airline tickets to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Learn how her vacation turned into one of the most unforgettable experiences of her life!

Incentive Solutions: Travel Abroad

VP of Marketing & Creative Services Nichole Gunn takes us on a journey of her childhood dream of exploring Africa! With over 12 years of working here at Incentive Solutions, this is merely one of the many travel opportunities Nichole has been able to take because of her hard work being recognized in our employee recognition program.

Incentive Solutions: The Lifestyle Enhancing Redemption

Jeannine Scarpino, a copywriter here at ISI, tells us the her redemption story of a top of the line electronic tool she never thought she would be able to afford. Non-cash rewards often provide an even greater reward experience as Jeannine explains that money is mostly for bills and saving. See how quick and easy her redemption was!

Inspire these Reward Stories with an Employee Incentive Program of Your Own!

The stories featured here are just a few among many in our office that all contribute to an even bigger story: when you invest in your employees, your employees will invest in you. Why not foster an environment where both your business and your employees are able to grow?

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