Best Tools for a Sales Incentive Strategy

Best Tools for a Sales Incentive Strategy

Steve Damerow

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Want a great sales incentive strategy? We designed and developed our own set of proprietary tools that you can take advantage of to get your sales incentive program off to a strong start. Once you see the initial results, you can use additional modules to extend your reach and make the most of every statistic. Add more modules as you need them and stay one move ahead of the game with the following best tools for a sales incentive strategy!

Performance Tracking Module

With the Performance Tracking Module, your salespeople have immediate access to a variety of documents, such as invoices and warranty registrations, no matter where they are. When in the field, they can upload whatever document they need to their phones to confirm sales claims. They can schedule and monitor multiple sales promotions at once. They can also manage the eligibility of sales promotions according to roles, organizations, regions and the level of program activity.

Through this module, they can track sales goals with a direct link to the dashboard. The module will automatically take any uploaded sales data and convert from dollar amounts to reward points. Then, you can spell out the payout structure for reward points and perform a precise calculation.

Best Tools for a Sales Incentive Strategy Include a Learn and Earn Module

Use this module to distribute reward amounts for various activities. It is the online tool you’ll want to use to increase knowledge of your products through the use of fun training quizzes. There are even trivia questions submitted on a daily basis that will hold the participant’s attention. The module encourages the completion of surveys and customer feedback for reward program members. It also helps users expand their skill set and take note of program protocol and policies. Use the Learn and Earn Module to distribute reward amounts for any of its activities.

Mobile App Module

The Mobile App Module gives users easier access to your online rewards program. With this added convenience, it increases the level of activity, leading to a higher ROI. It has various functions embedded, such as a tool that lets participants upload their sales claims. They can upload any documentation they need to validate their reward claims, such as invoices and warranty registration information. Use it to publish information useful to them, such as new sales promotions and updates to the program. The reward app can scan products in-store and automatically add these items to a list of products they want. Configure the way your incentive app appears to connect it to your brand.

Leaderboard Module is One of the Best Tools for a Sales Incentive Strategy

The Leaderboard Module fans the flames of healthy competition among your sales team members. It can increase sales performance and employee engagement in a friendly way. You can select from either the standard Leaderboard or go for the interactive Leaderboard, with all its display control features. Personalize it to meet the needs of each user. Use the module to rank entries by org chart inside certain program member types. This can include those located in specific regions, organizations or departments. This ranking option provides each member of your sales team with a current position in your sales promotion that is convenient and easy to use.

CRM Integration Module

Using the CRM Integration Module gives access to the most current and accurate data working across multiple platforms. With the built-in application program interface, you can feed the details of your incentive program directly into the business intelligence tools that already exist. There is a data exchange function that transfers customer data two ways, from the CRM software you are using into your incentive program. You can also use your rewards program to buy sales data, history information and customer contact details. This is how you can ascertain a full picture of your customers and their needs. By using the customer data in your CRM, your sales promos and communications campaigns will be more direct and effective.

Quick Points Module

Use the Quick Points Module to reward positive behaviors and thus move customer loyalty or employee motivation up a notch. You can not only transfer quick points via email, but you can also supply managers with personal “banks” of Quick Points, which they are free to distribute. When you’re at a trade show, you can enroll new members quickly into your loyalty program. With the QR scanner built in, participants in your program can scan the number of points they have and instantly add them to their rewards balance.

Take advantage of all the best tools for a sales incentive strategy and modules to strengthen your sales incentive program and improve ROI by working with our team of experts at Incentive Solutions. You’ll watch your business grow by leaps and bounds! Connect with us now to learn more about our best tools for a sales incentive strategy.

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