Best Practices For Contractor Spiffs

Best Practices For Contractor Spiffs

Nichole Gunn

Once you lower prices it is difficult to raise them. But offering contractor spiffs for a short (quarterly) promotion via VISA prepaid debit gift cards or a choice of 155 store gift cards has proven to give sales a jolt.

New online reward platforms make communicating, sales tracking acknowledgement, and gift card ordering much easier and affordable. Now, what used to take months and many hours can be done in weeks for a fraction of the setup cost.

At Incentive Solutions, we pioneered the use of prepaid debit cards in 1994 and with the advent of our proprietary online reward marketing platform, have dramatically improved the ROI for you – the administrator.

To learn how to create a contractor spiff program in 6 weeks, call me at 678-514-0203 or fill out one of our contact forms. I’ll show you why 95% of our clients rate us as excellent and would refer us on to a friend.