Engage Tire Customers with Loyalty Program Services

Engage Tire Customers with Loyalty Program Services

Mandy Freeman

loyalty program services

If you’ve already offered a loyalty program to your tire customers or channel partners, maybe you’ve seen how beneficial they can be. Or maybe you’re in the research phase, trying to determine if a loyalty program would be a fitting customer engagement solution. Either way, it will help you to understand the various strategies and services that can scale your loyalty program over time. Here are a few strategies:

Reward channel partners for collecting sales and customer data.

There’s more to customer loyalty programs than just rewarding customers for purchasing your products and services. You can offer your program participants more reward opportunities that include not just direct sales, but other actions that help your organization thrive. For example:

claims submission

  • Reward dealers, distributors, and other channel partners for registering tread life or road hazard warranties.
  • Reward channel partners for signing end-customers up for aftermarket services.
  • Reward channel partners or end-customers for submitting feedback surveys and/or reviews.

Sales and customer data is nothing to sneeze at. Though it doesn’t typically produce the immediate sales lift of sales promotions, it can result in better sales and marketing strategies that prove far more profitable to you in the long run.

Segment and expand your loyalty program audience.

Some loyalty program services and tools allow you to expand the communication and engagement capabilities of your loyalty program. You can expand your loyalty program audience and its reach, while using segmentation to keep messaging and reward-earning opportunities personalized and relevant. Using tools to organize and segment your audience, different participant groups can have an experience that pertains to their organization, channel partner type, region, or performance tier.

Audience expansion and personalization isn’t always easy to accomplish internally. “If you’re running your loyalty program in-house, it can be difficult to scale,” says incentive expert Jeff Cagle. “But if you have someone managing it, making it easier to reward with a platform, it’s much easier to reward wider audiences. You don’t have to figure out how to reward people in other countries. It can be hard to do that yourself, versus just upload a reward points file through your loyalty software.”

Enlist a loyalty program provider’s data entry services or online claims submission tools to expand your sales promotions and audiences. These additional capabilities allow you to grow the promotion audience without doing additional, internal administrative work.

Enhance your loyalty program marketing.

Improving your loyalty program marketing is a great strategy to pair with the suggestions above. The end result is that you’re both expanding the number of people in your program and influencing them more effectively. If you work with a full-service loyalty program provider, they likely have a creative/marketing team dedicated to and experienced in successful loyalty marketing campaigns. Here are some of the ways this could help you:

incentive marketing

  • Increase program awareness and enrollment, stimulate reward redemptions, and boost participation rates with fully planned yearly marketing strategies.
  • Communicate with program participants through multiple channels, including email, call campaigns, flyers/postcards, texts, and announcements on the program website.
  • Elevate loyalty program emails with professionally designed templates, automated scheduling, and a drag & drop editor.
  • Measure the performance and ROI of loyalty marketing campaigns to drive more efficient marketing strategies.

It could be very disruptive to take your internal marketing department away from the projects they’re already working hard on. By utilizing the marketing/creative services of a loyalty program provider, you can avoid assigning more work to your own marketers, benefitting from incentive marketing experts’ specialized experience.

Plan a group trip for your top customers.

A group trip or even with your top channel partners is one of the best ways to turn those partnerships into long-lasting, trusted relationships. Not only will potential attendees be engaged and excited in the build-up to the trip, but the memories created during the trip will last for years. If your loyalty program provider offers incentive travel services, you can outsource trip planning and management. Not only that, but you can also rely on experts to maximize the ROI of your trip. Trip services could include:

  • Site selection with professional, insider knowledge of the most suitable and cost-effective destinations and accommodations.
  • Contract negotiation to help you dodge unexpected expenses and hidden fees.
  • All-inclusive, group deals exclusive to loyalty program companies, due to the leverage of their repeated, consistent business.
  • Event registration to automate and streamline the sign-up, scheduling, event management, and booking process.
  • Event management services such as food and beverage provisions, theming, team-building activities, audio/visual set-up, and more.
  • Reports and analytics that aid with post-event ROI measurement.

A group travel event doesn’t have to be a stressor and time sink. When you lean on a loyalty program provider’s travel service, you can create a unique experience that gives you long-term, hard-to-replicate advantage over your competition.

A customer loyalty program shouldn’t be something you begrudgingly offer purely because your competitors do. They can help you boost sales, engage customers, and deliver positive experiences in a way few other business tools can. Take a look around at the loyalty program services and software available to you. There are plenty of options to build a loyalty solution whose strength is its creativity and tailored approach.