5 Tips on Marketing to Millennials

5 Tips on Marketing to Millennials

Nichole Gunn

Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to millennials is by no means a new concept. Highly focused efforts on reaching this target market demographic have been in practice for quite some time as companies looked to “get ahead” by proactively chasing this “generation to look out for.” According to the July 2019 population estimates from the Census Bureau, however, the future is officially here as the millennial generation has exceeded generation “baby boomer” as the largest living group of adults.

So what exactly does this information reveal? For businesses that have successfully avoided digital marketing efforts, time is running out on devising a go-to-market strategy that targets millennial buying and spending habits. These digital natives not only hold the power- they are changing the consumer game, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best ways to market to millennials.

1. Go. Digital.

If your business is still relying solely on direct mail flyers, radio ads, and other impersonal, out-bound marketing techniques, chances are millennials don’t know you exist. This generation grew up on the internet, with more than 8 out of 10 identifying as digital shoppers.

In-store shopping is by no means dead, but for marketers, this means fishing for millennials where they swim: online. Create a way for this generation to interact digitally with your brand and product offerings, and you’re on your way to successfully market to millennials.

2. Make Your Value Proposition Clear and Easy to Find.

The internet has created a unique expectation for this customer demographic as information is always readily available to millennials. This generation values individual research, which is why businesses must work hard to stand out and communicate their product in a way that is easy to find, yet not intrusive or pushy. With 83% of millennials using online content to help them decide on a purchase, businesses must invest in producing content that not only spells out their value proposition clearly but proves its effectiveness. With the use of digital marketing techniques, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), companies can make sure their information appears at the top of the search results.

3. Personalize with Omnichannel Communication.

The perks of going digital means that businesses can utilize a wide range of communication techniques when marketing to millennials. These inbound marketing techniques, such as email, SMS, and mobile app push notifications not only keep your brand top of mind with millennial consumers but offer exactly the type of personalization this customer demographic prefers.

With 93% of millennials in possession of a smartphone, businesses utilizing customer loyalty programs often opt to create a mobile app for higher program engagement. Allow your customers the ability to choose their communication preferences, and they will be more likely to welcome marketing opportunities and hear what you have to say.

4. Embrace Social Media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram- the list goes on and millennials are more than likely to be engaged on multiple platforms. With 85% of millennials using these outlets to research products, this form of digital connection is clearly both popular and effective. Companies can not only stand to build a presence on these platforms- they can incorporate characteristics of social-media like content to connect with their target audience.

For example, if a business is looking to engage its millennials employees through an employee recognition program, providing a social media-like platform can help employees to connect with peers and re-enforce company values in a creative and engaging way.

5. Collect and Analyze Your Data.

The best way to get to know your customer demographic? Collect data and adjust marketing techniques accordingly. The key to marketing to millennials is personalization, which means uncovering the unique characteristics of those that interact well with your brand and continuing to engage them.

Loyalty program software is the best way to collect your top customer’s contact information and purchase history, all of which are valuable insights for future sales and marketing campaigns. With the right customer loyalty program provider, your loyalty program data will integrate seamlessly with your current CRM software, keeping customer information all in one convenient location.

Ready to Start Marketing to Millennials?

If your business has yet to establish an online presence, our tips for marketing to millennials are essentially off the table. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to take your business digital. Whether it’s establishing an e-commerce platform, or investing in an online customer loyalty program, creating a digital presence with omnichannel communication techniques and the ability to collect customer data is an invaluable asset for your company. Remember: it is never too late to start, and there are plenty of resources to help get you on the millennial radar.

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