Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations: Florida Keys All Inclusive Packages

Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations: Florida Keys All Inclusive Packages

Nichole Gunn

Florida Keys All-Inclusive

Another entry into our Emerging Incentive Travel Destination series is here! If you’ve missed previous posts in this series, let’s catch you up. Every month, we highlight a specific location for its excellent potential as an incentive travel spot. Many of these are destinations our own travel team has visited, coordinating corporate events and memorable group travel experiences. Other emerging incentive travel destinations we’ve covered include Hawaii and Nicaragua.

This month, we’re keeping things domestic. Let’s talk about why the Florida Keys are where you want to be for your incentive travel trip!

Advantages Over International Incentive Travel

The first thing that makes the Florida Keys so incentive trip-worthy is probably the most obvious: it’s nearby! You and your attendees can catch a domestic flight to Florida and skip all the hassle that usually comes along with flying over national borders—no vaccinations, 10+ hour flights, currency exchange or passports to worry about!

Group Incentive Travel Packages

Typically, only venues outside the U.S offer all-inclusive group travel packages. But Extu works closely with Hawks Cay, who offer the only all-inclusive group travel deal to the Florida Keys! A Keys group package will further spare your budget since you’re already keeping your incentive trip domestic.

Appealing to All Incentive Travel Groups

Some might object to incentive trips to the mountains because they’re terrible skiers and they hate the cold. A cruise may not be everyone’s cup of tea because they don’t like crowds. Others may have health concerns complicating their ability to travel long distances. Your attendees will be hard-pressed to find anything disagreeable about the Florida Keys, though. If relaxing by the sparkling, emerald water isn’t their thing, guests can interact with dolphins, go fishing, snorkel in coral reefs, kayak between remote islands, parasail or zip over the waves on Jet Skis.

The Florida Keys are a well-known and well-loved destination for a reason. Not only are the Keys one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with all the tropical splendor of the Caribbean, but much more convenient and affordable.

Contact us to find out more about booking your incentive group travel trip to the Keys. We’re one of the only incentive travel companies who are dedicated to serving you the complete package when it comes to travel incentives, including rewards program technology, all-inclusive package deals, a full-range of group travel management services and helpful pre-trip tips.