Check Out Our New Incentive Program Resources!

Check Out Our New Incentive Program Resources!

Nichole Gunn

Incentive Program Resources

Notice something different about our website? That’s right. In addition to our blog, we now have a new section of our website dedicated entirely to giving you all the resources you need to learn about creating successful incentive programs – all in one place!

Incentive Program Resources Breakdown

Below is a quick breakdown of the new incentive program resources we’ve added to our main site navigation.

Incentive eBooks

Over the last 7 months, our new eBooks have been extremely popular and have sparked a lot of exciting dialogue. We created a new page to make all of our eBooks easier to find from the main site, with download links to:

The free PDFs include insights and strategies many other incentive companies would keep secret out of fear of the competition. But we feel that making this information free-to-the-public will help reshape the way people think about incentive programs and push the whole industry forward.

Also, you might notice there’s a space reserved for our next launch. We’re hard at work on our next release!

Incentive Solutions FAQ

Long-form content is the best way to educate people about the power of incentives. But we’re also sensitive to the fact that some people just want answers – and they want them quick! Our new incentive program Q&A – the most comprehensive of its kind – is designed to help people learn more about incentive programs, online rewards, channel sales, sales incentives, and loyalty programs.

These answers are succinct, well-sourced, and easy-to-find. You can find links to the sources we used at the bottom of each page if you’re interested in learning more about a given topic. We will consistently be adding to this incentive program resource, to arm people with the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Incentive Program ROI Calculator

The ROI Calculator is an interactive tool where you can plug in five data points to automatically calculate or project the ROI and average monthly benefit of an incentive program for your business. This tool can be a powerful tool in convincing other stakeholders in your company of the benefit an incentive program could have on your sales and marketing strategy.

That said, we’re currently working on designing a new version of the ROI calculator that is more intuitive, easier-to-use, and that provides additional datapoints. Be on the lookout for that!

So What’s Next?

However, we’re not going to rest there. We have plans to continuously update and add to these incentive program resources. This is just the start!

Check Out Our New Incentive Program Resources!