Health and Wellness Program Had Domino’s Pizza’s Workers Walk to the Moon and Back

Health and Wellness Program Had Domino’s Pizza’s Workers Walk to the Moon and Back

Nichole Gunn


Corporate health and wellness programs are finding their way into every business sector, including the fast food industry. In a recent press release, Domino’s Pizza reported on its own health and wellness incentive results.

Founded in 1960 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Domino’s Pizza is recognized as the world leader in the pizza delivery arena, and according to a report from, the pizza delivery giant showed that its workers “collectively walked more than 1 billion steps in the past six months.”

This achievement was a result of the company’s GlobalFit Destination: You program, which provides monitoring of step-based activities, along with incentives geared to motivate workers toward a healthier lifestyle.

Patrick Doyle, CEO of the company, explained, “We are extremely excited about reaching this monumental health milestone as part of our ‘A Healthier YOU’ initiative.” He added that Domino’s has always focused on promoting activity and healthy lifestyle choices for its workers and their families. The Destination: You program was designed and implemented to show “how easy and realistic it can be to add physical activity into your daily routine and experience tremendous health benefits.”

Domino’s corporate wellness program is promoted by GlobalFit and resulted in workers collectively walking 500,000 miles, which is the average distance for a journey to the moon and back.

The strategy behind the GlobalFit incentive is to encourage participation in the initiative by offering simple access to an online portal that logs and monitors the workers activity. This allows the workers to set goals and see their results, allowing them to continually reset goals for greater achievements.

GlobalFit’s president and CEO Frank Napolitano noted, “We are proud of our partner Domino’s Pizza and the tremendous success it has had thus far with Destination: You.” He went on to say that Domino’s is a powerful example of companies – big or small – taking health and wellness matters into their own hands through the implementation of effective corporate wellness programs. The Destination: You program in particular “educates employees about healthy living, creates a positive corporate environment, motivates individuals to become active, and most importantly, gets results.”

Reflecting the emergence of health and wellness programs and their popularity throughout the industrial spectrum, the Corporate Wellness Conference announced there is a 93 percent increase in this year’s attendance, compared to prior years. It’s expected that the number of conference speakers, employer groups, and sponsors will also see a significant increase.