Mapping (And Improving!) Your Customer Experience Strategy [Infographic]

Mapping (And Improving!) Your Customer Experience Strategy [Infographic]

Nichole Gunn

Customer Experience Journey Strategy

When was the last time you took the customer journey for your company? In order to plan an effective customer experience strategy, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How do they experience your sales and marketing funnel? What can you do to improve their experience every step of the way?

The Different Stages of the Customer Journey

Conducting a customer journey analysis involves breaking down your sales and marketing funnel into different stages, based on where the customer is in the buyer’s journey. These stages include:

  • Awareness – The customer is becoming aware of their pain points and is just starting to explore solutions.
  • Interest & Education – The customer has narrowed their focus to a specific type of solution, and is interested in learning more about trends and specific brands and products (hopefully yours!).
  • Evaluation – The customer has made their shortlist of products and services to solve their problem. At this point, the customer is ready to engage your sales team.
  • Purchase – The customer has committed to a specific supplier and is looking for reasons to justify their purchases – but the customer experience doesn’t just end here.
  • Post-Purchase – The customer expects great product performance and services and is looking for the ROI from their purchase.
  • Re-Purchase – The customer was so happy with their last purchase that they begin looking to make another purchase and maybe expand the scope of products and services they buy from you.
  • Loyalty, Advocacy & Referral – The customer is in love with your brand! They have an emotional connection with you and trust you to deliver. At this point, they are even willing to speak on your behalf and tell their friends about you!

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The answers to these questions will be essential to the success of your customer experience strategy. Write them down! You can find a blank worksheet for mapping your customer experience strategy below:

Mapping (And Improving!) Your Customer Experience Strategy [Infographic]

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Planning Your Customer Experience Journey: Audience Analysis

Before filling out the worksheet, you need to understand your target audience and what they are looking for at each stage of the buyer’s journey. That means conducting an audience analysis. How you plan your customer experience strategy depends on factors like:

  • Lifestyle – How do your customers look up information? What do they do for fun? How can you appeal to their lifestyle and help to enhance it?
  • Interests – What makes your customers tick? How can you present your value proposition in a way that speaks to them? Will their interests change at different stages of the funnel?
  • Demographics – Are you marketing to Millennials? Gen X? Baby Boomers? All of the above? These different segments of your audience will have very different expectations for the customer experience journey.
  • Influence – Who does your audience look to for information? Can you leverage those influencers to increase your visibility?
  • Segmentation – What categories can you divide your audience into in order to increase personalization for each segment? Will different segments of your audience require different types of enablement throughout the customer journey?
  • Skills and Knowledge – Do your customers have the skills and knowledge they need to successfully complete the customer journey? How can you

There are questions on the worksheet below to help guide your audience analysis and begin planning what loyalty software you need to fill in any missing gaps in your customer data.

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