9 Creative Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Loyalty Program

9 Creative Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Loyalty Program

Nichole Gunn

9 creative marketing strategies to promote your B2B loyalty program

Are you ready to launch your B2B loyalty program, but need some creative marketing strategies to promote it? Or, is your existing B2B loyalty program due for a much-needed makeover? If so, here are nine inventive marketing strategies to take your program to the next level.

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1. Kick-off B2B customer engagement with a contest!

Get started with a bang! One fun and effective way to kickstart your B2B loyalty program is with a kick-off contest. Contests raise program awareness and get participants engaged in some friendly competition. Ultimately, contests should be one of the creative marketing strategies you should use to start your B2B loyalty program off right.

2. Make content about your loyalty program personal.

Customize everything, so that participants feel like your program speaks to them. That includes adding participant names and logos on program interfaces and emails.

3. Outfit your program with a customer loyalty app.

Where’s your cell phone? As a guess, we’d wager it’s sitting right next to you. These days, cell phones are an essential part of modern life. So adding a mobile app to your program helps you keep your B2B loyalty program top of mind with participants.

4. Send personalized direct mail.

Everyone sends email, but only a few send direct mail. The major shift from physical to electronic mail has given paper mail a fresh start in peoples’ eyes. Studies have even found that consumers are twice as likely to take immediate action with direct mail than they are with email. Take that a step further by personalizing your mailers. How can you do this? Use customer data from your loyalty program database to up your chances of getting noticed.

5. Create sales promotions that speak to specific customers.

People pay more attention to messages directed to groups they are part of. So create sales promotions that speak to different groups of people within your participant pool. Dividing up participants by department, team, company or region gives you the ability to personalize communications that better engage each group.

6. Offer open enrollment into your B2B loyalty program.

Open program registration has two benefits:

  • It ensures everyone who registers for the program wants to be in it. After all, there’s nothing worse than a program full of indifferent participants.
  • It helps you gather essential B2B customer data, enriching your future creative marketing strategies.

7. Integrate your CRM system with your loyalty program.

Nowadays, CRM integration is all the rage. It has become the new industry standard for analyzing and maintaining customer data. When you integrate your CRM with your loyalty program, you gain access to the data you’ve always wanted but was unable to obtain. Even more, you get the tools to mold that data into effective new creative marketing strategies.

8. Start loyalty program participants off with freebie points.

Give new participants free points and other bonuses from the get-go! Doing so can boost their level of engagement—up to 15%, according to researchers.

9. Use program reports to direct creative marketing strategies.

Keep an eye on your program data and use it to shape your creative marketing strategies. When you’re able to fit your B2B marketing strategies to the needs of loyalty program participants, you keep them engaged!

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