Company Incentive Program Ideas

Company Incentive Program Ideas

Mark Herbert

company incentive program ideas

What’s the best way to increase employee motivation?

Look at your employee rewards plan or business incentive program. Has anything changed since you first implemented it? Updating your incentives plan for your employees can boost its effectiveness and improve productivity in your company. In many ways, it speaks to how motivation is driven by purpose. Some of the best incentive plans include online points programs, flexible work hours, group travel incentives, corporate events, skill set development and new learning opportunities. Here are a few company incentive program ideas you can implement in your workplace to boost motivation and productivity.

1. Health and Wellness Perks

Keeping your employees healthy keeps them happy. Companies who value their employees’ well-being can offer them discounted gym memberships and reward employees for being physically active. Healthy employees are typically happier in the workplace, take less sick time, and tend to perform better for their company.

2. Flexible Hours

Working early, late or inconvenient hours can make employees less likely to enjoy work or put in 100%. An Oxford University sleep scientist went as far as claiming that having employees work before 10 a.m. is literally torture! Yikes. Many successful companies offer flexible work hours for employees as a perk or incentive. Allowing employees to choose their hours reduces their stress, which improves work productivity and quality.

3. A Reward Points Program

Establishing a reward points program within the company is a great way to generate a more positive work environment. Employees can redeem reward points they have collected through producing quality work or achieving milestones. Wanna increase production even further? Make the point system publicly visible. A public point system adds a little competitive fuel to the motivation fire.

4. Individual and Group Incentives

Healthy teamwork is essential in all organizations. Group incentives allow teams, departments or companies to come together to achieve a common goal. Not limited to get-togethers in the office lounge, group incentives could include company outings like picnics and team-building games, such as company softball games or charity events.

5. Corporate Events

Communication is key to effective processes and procedures in the workplace. Create corporate events for employees to gather and communicate outside the work environment. This builds trust and leads to improved communication at work.

6. Learning and Skill Set Development Opportunities

Sometimes, the reason behind lacking employee motivation is the absence of challenging, engaging work. Offering more responsibilities, training or learning opportunities for your employees is a great way to motivate them if they aren’t being challenged. When companies invest in their employees’ education and success, it motivates them to reach their potential.