5 Ways You Can Provide a Better B2B Customer Experience

5 Ways You Can Provide a Better B2B Customer Experience

Nichole Gunn

71% of b2b customers are indifferent or actively disengaged

Are you one of the many unlucky manufacturers or suppliers whose customers are indifferent to you? Gallup estimates that 71% of B2B customers are indifferent or actively disengaged. How can you grab their attention in a meaningful, effective way, not a desperate, cringey way? Check out this infographic for more information, and five suggestions for providing a better B2B customer experience that engages and excites your channel.

5 ways to provide a better b2b customer experience - infographic

1. Segmentation

Divide groups by performance, location, vendor type—whatever is useful to you.

Create sales promotions, marketing campaigns, sales strategies, around channel partner segments.

69% of B2B buyers say they find more value in vendors who provide personalized offers. 1

2. Personalization

Use tokens in marketing content to personalize messages.

Add dynamic content blocks to email and web interactions.

Create different permission sets within your channel partner portal or incentive program.

76% of B2B buyers expect personalized attention from solution providers based on specific needs. 2

3. Engagement

Use non-cash rewards to excite and motivate channel partners.

Add gamification elements to incentive and sales promotions.

Shake channel partners out of their daily routine with engaging corporate and group events.

71% of B2B customers are indifferent or actively disengaged. 3

4. Education

Create a sales enablement process to provide resources and assets to channel partners.

Use training incentive rewards to motivate channel partners to develop product knowledge.

Only 35% of companies have effective training for channel salespeople. 4

5. Incentives

Drive any behavior and enhance any promotion or campaign by offering non-cash rewards.

Tap into emotion and personal value.

Incentive programs can boost performance by 25-44%! 5


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