Marketing Forecast 2024

Marketing Forecast 2024

Alex Sleeper

In recent history, no other year is poised to be as revolutionary for marketing as 2024. The new year will bring inevitable changes in tech and marketing — and many companies don’t know if they’re ready to embrace the “new radical future.” 

A 2023 study reveals that 44% of marketing leaders surveyed are excited about what 2024 might bring, including artificial intelligence (AI) and new marketing trends, down from 70% in 2022. This discrepancy between potential and anticipation reveals the ubiquitous uncertainty amongst marketing pros.

What will be the impact of these burgeoning technologies on business, marketing, and law?

It’s like trying to precisely predict when a volcano will erupt – “data helps make the impossible a little easier.”

With changes happening rapidly, many brands want to be as prepared and proactive as possible. That means looking ahead at projected marketing trends and anticipating shifts in the market.

Tech-heavy trends for marketing forecast 2024

It’s no secret that AI is gradually transforming our society, but its impact on business specifically may be even more attenuated.

For instance, how purchasers interact with businesses has already changed significantly as Millennials and Gen Z have matured in the workplace, imbuing the buying process with their technological and value preferences, including their interest in and knowledge of AI.

Despite the initial hesitancy by many business owners to plunge into AI, these algorithms can automate marketing operations and personalize their efforts in a way that was never before feasible – and this is just the beginning!

Here’s a look at how businesses are tapping into AI to improve their marketing efforts and the overall customer experience.


Chatbots powered by AI are instrumental in providing instant customer support around the clock. Whether deployed on websites or communication platforms, these on-stage large learning models (LLMs) can quickly address customer questions. Behind the scenes, AI can analyze vast datasets to improve and personalize marketing efforts and optimize business strategies – all with little labor required after set-up.

Actions you can take in 2024: Implement AI-powered chatbots for instant customer support 24/7 on your website and communication platforms. Test out having chatbots collect data and feedback from your target audience to help you improve your marketing campaigns.

Voice-activated technologies

Widely adopted voice-activated tools like Siri and Alexa have become household names. Beyond personal use, businesses are adapting by optimizing FAQ sections to accommodate voice-based searches. This aligns with the growing trend of consumers searching for information verbally and emphasizes the importance of voice interactions in the digital landscape.

Actions you can take in 2024: Optimize FAQ sections for voice-based searches, considering the growing trend of consumers searching verbally. Be sure to tap into natural language questions and focus on long-tail keywords.

Video marketing

Platforms like TikTok and YouTube have skyrocketed video’s popularity through the roof in recent years. A staggering 91% of businesses are leveraging short-form video now as a central component of their marketing efforts, with more marketers than ever claiming they get a good ROI from video marketing.

Actions you can take in 2024: Leverage short-form video platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Create content that is relevant to your audience and tells a story, such as case study clips or testimonials.  

A shift to human-focused marketing

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, there is a noticeable shift towards human-focused strategies. As people spend more and more time behind a screen, removed from authentic and genuine human interaction, the desire for connection with their favorite brands becomes greater.

Moreover, in the era of digital communication, businesses are realizing that fostering authentic connections with consumers goes beyond transactional interactions. Human-focused marketing acknowledges the importance of empathy and understanding in creating lasting relationships, aligning with the evolving expectations of a socially conscious and digitally savvy audience. 

Here’s a peek at how businesses can adjust their marketing efforts in 2024 to become more human-focused.


Businesses are leveraging data to create a highly personalized marketing experience for customers. For example, companies can now utilize data to know which digital assets certain customers have engaged with, and then send automated emails that are relevant to that customer based on the information they’re interested in.

Actions you can take in 2024: Utilize data to send automated, highly personalized emails or targeted ads based on customer engagement with digital assets. 

Sustainability and ethics focus

Modern consumers are increasingly conscious of supporting companies that contribute positively to the world. Embracing sustainability, ethical practices, and initiatives like B-corps, carbon-neutral products, and energy-efficient devices are essential components of a brand’s identity.

Actions you can take in 2024: Pour into your sustainability efforts, ethical practices, and initiatives like B-corps, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

In navigating the murky landscape of marketing trends in 2024, it’s clear that both existing and emerging trends will shape the strategies of successful businesses. While this can feel overwhelming initially, gaining perspective and knowledge goes a long way in helping you prepare for the year ahead.

As you step into 2024, armed with insights and a forward-thinking mindset, you have the opportunity to not just navigate but thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of tech and marketing.

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