Corporate Rewards Program: Who and Why they Should Receive Incentives

Corporate Rewards Program: Who and Why they Should Receive Incentives

Courtney Collins


A corporate rewards program is a simple way to let clients, customers, and employees understand your appreciation. Whether you reward high-performing salespeople or recognize the hard work your labor force contributes, rewards motivate employees by recognizing their contributions to the team. With clients and customers, a rewards program shows how much you appreciate their business and hope to continue working with them in the future.

Corporate Rewards Program for Customers

Customers are the people who conduct routine business transactions with your company. They make their purchase and the transaction is complete. A corporate rewards program will help assure their repeat business with accumulated points toward a special incentive. The reward can be simple; a small credit toward their next purchase will keep a customer, a t-shirt with your company logo will guarantee their return while providing an extra source of advertisement for you.

Corporate Rewards Program for Clients

Clients are different than customers in the sense you have an ongoing business relationship with them, oftentimes maintaining records as to their individual circumstances so you can provide better repeat service for them. Traditionally, a client corporate rewards program can be a simple “thank you” card for birthdays or the winter holiday season. Another show of appreciation can include merchandise or discount credits toward travel. The idea is to provide a link between the reward and your company so the client remembers the service you provide when they use the corporate rewards program.

Corporate Rewards Program for Employees

Employees are the backbone of your business and deserve recognition as such. It’s very simple to celebrate an employee’s recent accomplishment by taking them to lunch, but a restaurant gift card can potentially be more meaningful so the employee can celebrate with their family and have the chance to brag about their achievement. Trophies can serve the same purpose as a tangible recognition of an employee’s contribution. With negotiation, credits toward travel or merchandise expenditures can be less expensive for your company and more valuable to your employee than a cash award. Employee rewards aren’t limited to direct business successes, but can recognize outside accomplishments such as quitting smoking or losing weight to assure their health allows them to continue the great work they provide daily.

Incentives, rewards, and bonuses all serve to promote your company as a long term business solution. They show your customers, clients, and employees you care about them. Awards further show you recognize there is more to life than the service you provide professionally, but that you also care about their well-being from a personal perspective. Consider how Incentive Solutions can help address your needs to provide a corporate rewards program for your customers, clients, and employees.