Training Techniques to Help You Excel at Channel Enablement

Training Techniques to Help You Excel at Channel Enablement

Mark Herbert

channel enablement

Ever look for your glasses and realize, quite some time later, that they were on your face the entire time? If you’re struggling with channel enablement and increasing channel sales, there may be a solution. And, a lot like those pesky glasses, its right in front of you – it’s your channel partner training strategy.

Most channel partner training programs, if they exist, are underfunded. Over 60% of organizations rely on distributors to push products to market, yet only 35% have a channel training program in place. If your distributors knew more, they could possibly do more sales-wise.

What your distributors don’t know manifests in their interactions with end-users. Whether it’s a lack of product knowledge, low sales acumen, or limited technical skills to understand product value, all roads lead to one stop – missed channel sales opportunities. This is why ramping up channel sales should start with training every partner in your channel in a way that fits their needs and abilities.

How? By identifying and closing product-related knowledge gaps, helping partner’s meet the market online, developing mobile-friendly training, and incentivizing distributor efforts. Doing so equips them with the tools they need to drive channel sales.

Seeing clearer now? Learn more about how to increase channel sales by developing a more growth-centered channel partner training strategy in our infographic.