Incentive Rewards

Supercharge the Channel with Incentive Rewards Programs

The best rewards programs have limitless possibilities to accelerate channel growth. We’ll help you map out the reward strategy that works best for you. Whether you want to build customer loyalty, recognize employees, or increase sales, this is an essential building block to channel growth.

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The Best Rewards Program for Better Engagement

This isn’t a coin toss—we know that incentive rewards work when it comes to motivating behaviors, building loyalty and driving sales. We also know that different people are motivated by different rewards, and we can help you understand what programs will have the greatest impact. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Online Incentives and Rewards

Our online rewards catalog serves up millions of in-demand items, from movie tickets to big-ticket electronics. Or you can opt for gift card rewards featuring 175 premium stores like Target, Nike, Uber and Amazon. This wide selection of online options means there’s always something that will stick out and motivate every type of person, from your channel partners to sales teams.

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Incentive Rewards
Incentive Rewards

Debit Card Rewards

Versatile crowd-pleasers, debit card rewards come in all shapes and sizes: single-use, reloadable, or virtual. They’re great for short-term sales performance incentives because recipients get immediate gratification and can spend them virtually anywhere. International audiences also love virtual cards, since they can be used on local online stores, bypassing long wait times for international shipping.

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Travel Rewards

There’s no reward that goes farther than travel incentives. Memorable trips are the best way to reward top performers and leave a lasting impression. And the best part is that we take care of all the heavy lifting, from planning the destination details to seeing the full journey through. 

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Incentive Rewards

Up and Running In No Time


Build an incentive program that reaches your goals.

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business and circumstances in order to solve your unique pain points. We then create a set of goals that we continually measure against with key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing program performance reviews.


Identify your incentive program audience.

Which participants have the most influence over your goals? Which incentives will have the greatest impact? We’ll help you determine an incentive strategy grounded in these critical answers.


Implement Extu technology & launch your program.

Once we’ve established the goals, audiences, and incentive rewards that will work best with your objectives, it’s time to build out the necessary modules and APIs. Our in-house programmers, creative services teams, and your Program Manager offer strategic support throughout implementation and launch so you’ll be set up for success.


Conduct ongoing reviews and track performance.

After launch, we perform ongoing reviews to identify areas for feedback and improvement. You can also track your program’s progress through reports that help you measure and prove program ROI.