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Channel partner engagement is no easy feat.

Let us confront this challenge head-on. 

As a business-to-business (B2B) vendor or supplier, it’s crucial to engage your customers. You need to stand out from the crowd and increase your market share. So, how do you do that? By providing something your channel partners want.  

You can use this page as a guide to engaging channel partners, measuring partner engagement, and taking maximum advantage of partners’ engagement to increase brand loyalty and revenue. By embracing these strategies, you can harness the full potential of your channel.  

We’ve helped B2B brands achieve 95% channel partner engagement.

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Case study on channel partner engagement


Partner Engagement

What are the best ways to engage channel partners?

 The most effective partner engagement strategies capture partners’ attention with messages that deeply resonate with them. Whatever engagement strategies you adopt, ensure they forge genuine connections with your unique channel partners. Continuously get feedback to gauge partners’ evolving interests, preferences, and needs. 

Let’s dive into the most effective engagement strategies

Provide a consistent brand experience.

Crafting a consistent brand experience begins with the core elements of your brand strategy: your logo, colors, voice, and values. But it doesn’t end there. You must reinforce your brand’s essence at every touchpoint with your channel partners to create an unforgettable and cohesive experience. Here are some practices to implement: 

What we offer:
  • Enable seamless access with Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality, allowing partners to navigate your website, partner portal, ecommerce platform, and other partner-facing platforms in one place. 
  • Maintain an up-to-date content marketing library that partners can easily access. 
  • Deliver content and updates in multiple channel and media formats, including SMS, social media, images/infographics, PDFs, text, web pages, and videos. 
Channel Partner Engagement
Channel Partner Engagement

Bridge the gap between you and your audience.

It’s important to understand your partners’ needs and limitations. A successful channel marketing program can offer tangible benefits to partners. Consider implementing a TCM strategy (Through Chanel Marketing) to consistently engage with your partners. 

For example, for partners with limited marketing capabilities, you can provide content that partners can use in their marketing efforts. This content should go beyond promoting your brand and include thought-leadership pieces and lead generation content. 

Picture this:

With access to impactful thought-leadership content that makes them look good, partners consistently engage in marketing activities featuring your brand.  

Capitalize on incentives to drive behavior. 

Incentives can transform customer and channel partner behaviors while boosting your brand’s personal value. Consider using incentives to make an impact. 

Ways to move the needle:
  • Offering reward points redeemable through an online catalog filled with exciting items. 
  • Provide on-the-spot rewards for spontaneous actions that promote your business goals or brand values. 
  • Recognize and reward sales teams for smashing their goals. 
  • Offer rewards for submitted sales and customer data such as warranty registrations, invoices, etc. 
  • Take your top-performing customers or salespeople on an unforgettable group incentive trip
  • Incentivize channel partners to complete training programs. 
Channel Partner Engagement


of B2B buyers’ brand loyalty is influenced by rewards. (Salesforce)

Channel Partner Engagement

Personalize your partnerships. 

Personalization is key to strong customer relationships. Customers across markets expect brands to tailor their communications and offerings to their individual needs. 

Tried & True Tactics:
  • Consolidate customer data to create comprehensive customer profiles. 
  • Leverage tools like tokens, dynamic content, and audience segmentation to tailor webpage and email content. 
  • Use access and permission tools within your channel partner portal to provide only relevant information and resources to them. 
  • Send targeted product information and training materials to partners or customers based on specific segments showing growth potential in your channel. 

Add gamification to the equation. 

Gamification injects fun and excitement into your interactions. The opportunity to win (or lose) something can instantly transform activities into engaging experiences.

Start with these ideas:
  • Establish public leaderboards to track sales performance, energizing participants in sales promotions. 
  • Offer occasional reward-earning opportunities through virtual games like Spin-to-Win or Scratch Off as part of your incentive program, especially during enrollment to boost interest and investment. 
  • Boost channel partners’ product knowledge and consistent engagement with your brand by providing fun daily trivia questions. 
Channel Partner Engagement


Gameplay can enhance adults’ memory and attention span by up to 30%, while also decreasing stress and triggering the release of serotonin. (Growth Engineering)

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