How Posting on LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Revenue

How Posting on LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Revenue

Korina Skhinas

LinkedIn might not be your first thought when it comes to content marketing. However when used correctly, the platform—which boasts  774 million members—can drive enviable revenue growth through content, engagement, and genuine networking. Brands on LinkedIn are perceived to be more professional, credible, and respectable.Posting consistently is the key to boosting revenue from LinkedIn. That’s why it’s essential to have a content strategy in place that will automate this process and fill your funnel — a fact that 97% of B2B marketers already know. Take a look at these tips for sharing content that will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Three Ways LinkedIn Posts Help Boost Revenue

1. Greater Visibility

LinkedIn content helps bring greater visibility to your brand; posting consistent engaging content on the platform coupled with sponsored ads give companies the opportunity to share their message to hundreds of thousands of other professionals. Since 80% of new B2B leads come from LinkedIn, expanding your outreach on the platform can help drive your lead gen campaigns toward more opportunities.

2. Leverage Connections

Posting consistently on LinkedIn allows company pages, business owners, and employees to share company content with their entire networks. If you post content that’s engaging and thoughtful on a regular basis, your network is more likely to share, comment, and like the posts. These actions are visible even to people who aren’t directly connected to you and who otherwise wouldn’t see your posts. This is why sharing content on LinkedIn is a powerful way to increase the connections in your network and attract new potential customers.

3. Build Trust and Credibility

When you’re consistently posting thought-provoking, intelligent content on LinkedIn, you’re not only building brand awareness. You’re also helping encourage trust towards you and your brand.

For example, thought leadership content is a great way to earn credibility with your readers. The more positive interactions people see around your thought leadership posts, the stronger your credibility grows. Eventually those LinkedIn users who trust your content could turn into customers; in fact, 43% of marketers say they’ve sourced a customer from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Post Ideas to Engage Your Audience

What exactly should you post on LinkedIn? What kind of content will your audience engage with — and how can you ensure you’ll share that content consistently? Here are a few tips for LinkedIn marketing tactics to engage your audience:

  • Post Helpful Content. Helpful content such as how-to articles or FAQ blogs that revolve around your industry are a great way to engage current clients while attracting new ones. Customers appreciate content that’s relevant to them and offers value.
  • Share Research and Trends. Your audience keeps up with the trends in your industry. Re-share or post topical articles to help them learn — and to position yourself as a go-to source for news and information.
  • Join the Discussion. Don’t overlook the power of directly engaging with your audience. Comment and engage with people in your network; replying to or starting thoughtful discussions with others helps further establish a professional image.

How Extu Enhances LinkedIn Content Marketing

Extu provides both content and automation tools to help boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Our LinkedIn Publisher is designed to help you attract new followers by automatically sharing polished, professional, and helpful content to your LinkedIn network. The tool consistently schedules and posts your monthly campaign content on the platform after a quick approval from you.

LinkedIn should be a valuable part of your content strategy. By partnering with Extu, you can effortlessly deliver insightful content to your audiences on a consistent basis with the help of our experienced team of writers and marketing experts.

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