The Best Companies Will Banish These Bygone Construction Sales Tactics in 2024

The Best Companies Will Banish These Bygone Construction Sales Tactics in 2024

Savannah Bobo

Thumbs down over a salesperson cold calling vs. thumbs up over automation and analytics - construction sales tactics

The construction industry is booming, but are your sales tactics stuck in the age of blueprints and hard hats? Don’t let outdated methods hold you back from closing deals and building strong relationships with builders. It’s time to ditch the dusty rolodex and embrace fresh, innovative construction sales tactics for 2024 and beyond.

Construction Sales Tactics to Banish:

Cold Calling and Generic Promotions

First on the chopping block: generic construction sales tactics like cold calling and mass emails. Builders today are tech-savvy individuals who expect personalized experiences. They’re not impressed by bulky catalogs or impersonal sales pitches.

Instead: Offer Targeted Campaigns and Promotions

Leverage technology to create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. Collect data through reward-based initiatives and use automated communication to understand builders’ preferences and project needs. This allows you to deliver relevant product resources and promotions that resonate.

Construction Sales Tactics to Banish:

Manual Processes and Disconnected Data

Managing mountains of paperwork and struggling with segregated data are nightmares for any sales team. Manually generating reports and battling disconnected information makes it impossible to respond quickly to market changes or gain valuable sales insights.

Instead: Embrace Automation and Centralized Data

Seek out tech solutions that help you automate tasks, centralize data, and gain real-time insights with accuracy and ease. With centralized information at your fingertips, you can optimize strategies, maximize resources, and make informed decisions that drive sales.

Construction Sales Tactics to Banish:

Ineffective Incentive Programs

Generic point-of-sale incentives are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Builders are looking for meaningful rewards that incentivize long-term partnerships, not just a quick sale.

Instead: Use Tech that Simplifies Sales Incentives

Introduce a flexible reward program with a diverse selection of options, including bulk-order gift card choices. Use a secure platform with SOC2-compliant data security to ensure participant information is protected. Track program performance and generate automatic summaries to measure its impact on sales and adjust your strategy as needed.

By ditching outdated tactics and embracing innovative solutions, you can unlock a world of success in the ever-evolving construction market. Remember, agility and innovation are key. Let go of what’s holding you back and embrace the future of construction sales. Build stronger partnerships, close more deals, and gain a competitive edge by stepping into 2024 with fresh, effective sales strategies.