A localized approach for Through Channel Marketing

Working on improving your channel results in a new region?
No problem. You can launch a Through Channel Marketing program in local languages at scale with minimal work for you. 

Ready to get growing?

Taking your marketing program abroad.

Proven program in international markets 

Our Through Channel Marketing (TCM) program is available in local language in key markets in EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. 

Prioritized compliance and security

Our program is GDPR-compliant, with a high focus on data integrity and privacy. 

Country-specific platform and campaigns

We translate more than just campaign content: everything partner-facing, from comms to personal support, will be in their local language. We get down to the nuances, not just the surface translation. 

Our 80% participation rate speaks for itself.

Partners get access to a dedicated Partner Success Team in their region, speaking the same languages as the local partners, ensuring high participation and partner engagement. 

Centralized or decentralized, whatever suits your brand.

You decide how much control you want with local market campaigns. Whether you’re looking to have a centralized approach with a global/regional campaign and message, or if you’d prefer that each market have the autonomy to create their own messaging and campaigns, we’re here to support you. 

Multi-language Capabilities
Multi-language Capabilities

Efficient, integrated workflow complete with copywriting.

Our fully integrated program means we can help with copywriting and local language translations, quickly launching your brand into a new market while letting you stay in control. 

Yes please, take me there.

We do the heavy lifting.

From content creation to campaign implementation, the Extu TCM program makes campaign processes easier for both brands and partners. No more agonizing over content; we’ve got it covered.  

Most partners spend less than five minutes per month to review and approve the campaign. That means they’re spending more time making sales and supporting their customers, and less time fiddling with email formats. 

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