Through Channel Marketing FAQ

Curious about through channel marketing? We’ve got you.

Through channel marketing, also known as the powerhouse of indirect marketing, demonstrates a strategic approach utilized by business-to-business (B2B) vendors. It enables businesses to skillfully promote their products indirectly through resellers, rather than engaging directly with consumers. With TCM, you can not only craft compelling co-marketing content that reinforces your brand and resellers but can track and analyze data to inform specific and personalized content for specific segments of your channel.  

We’ve developed a six-step channel marketing solution that reduces effort and adds value for brands. At each stage, we’re reducing effort and adding value for both brands and partners. From campaign creation, campaign review & approval, to lead qualification. It’s the whole package.  

When it comes to increasing awareness of your products or services, partnering up with other companies can be a game-changer. It’s like having a dream team of partner companies and distributors working together to market your brand. In fact, did you know that partner or indirect marketing drives 75% of global trade? It’s a force to be reckoned with. 

The main difference between Through-Channel Marketing and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) is this: TCM focuses on leveraging channel partners to reach customers, while TCMA is a technology-driven approach that streamlines the whole process. TCMA saves you time and money while providing insights into customer behavior. But remember, TCMA can only take you so far. It’s a powerful strategy, but it doesn’t cover all the complexities and nuances of distribution channels. Curious for more examples?

Partner Marketing – it’s the heart and soul of the channel. Especially for tech vendors looking to engage and educate their end-customers. It’s all about expanding your capacity and creating value for both parties to reach their individual goals. Now, the goals and objectives may differ for each partnership, but clarity is key to squeezing the most out of any collaboration.  

Channel Marketing Strategy is the art of partnering up with a third party to widen your reach. The master plan you craft to achieve your goals within the channel—that’s your channel marketing strategy right there. And let’s just say, each business’s channel strategies all vary. Approach channel marketing with the right strategy, and voila—you’ll experience benefits like network expansion, amplified reach, and the ultimate sales boost. 

Channel Marketing is all about increasing sales and generating revenue. Picture this: you collaborate with channel partners to distribute your products and expand your customer base. These partners can be sales agents, affiliates, or even value-added resellers who spice things up by bundling your products with other goodies. Wanna learn more? Dive into this article on how channel marketing ensures long-term success for your company. 

Fun fact: partners who’ve sent more than 30 campaigns generate more than twice as many leads per campaign compared to their counterparts who’ve only sent between 1-10. It’s all about building momentum. Each campaign builds upon the last, creating a compounding effect that’ll blow your mind. Also, a consistent trickle approach keeps your business top-of-mind for buyers and builds meaningful relationships that outshine one-off campaigns.   

Channel marketing may not be exactly like direct marketing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver our message to those end buyers. With the right technology and the right partnerships, we can unleash the power of direct marketing onto the indirect channel. 

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