Using AI to Boost Sales in Trades Industries

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency isn’t just a goal; it’s a necessity. Especially in the trades industries like HVAC, construction, and automotive, every second and every resource counts.

Let’s talk about three ways artificial intelligence, or AI, can help you boost sales and efficiency, in ways that will have your competition wondering how you did it.

Improve time management and anticipate problems

with remote monitoring and diagnostic devices

First, use AI to improve time management and anticipate problems. Remote monitoring and diagnostic devices are rapidly changing how businesses in the trades industry can interact with customers. Using these devices, you can: Utilize predictive analytics for software and equipment, Pro-actively solve problems, and, Efficiently plan service calls to avoid peak times.

Grow brand awareness and customer loyalty

with fast, effective channel marketing tools

Next, grow brand awareness and customer loyalty with AI-assisted channel marketing tools that allow businesses in trades industries to utilize content marketing like never before. Whereas traditional marketing platforms cost thousands of dollars a year and still require you to produce your own content, AI allows businesses to:

  • Generate exponentially more pieces of fresh, consistent content relevant to contactors, salespeople, and customers.
  • Automatically post content to social media pages.
  • Send content automatically in consistent, multichannel marketing campaigns.

Improve customer satisfaction, education, and engagement

with online chatbots

You can improve customer satisfaction, education and engagement by integrating AI chatbots into your website or social media pages. This can:

  • Generate more service calls and convert more web traffic into leads.
  • Direct customers and prospects where they need to go.
  • Automatically send visitors and customers helpful resources like product specs, quotes, guides, videos, and more.

Increase productivity and reduce resource costs

with streamline documentation and administrative tasks

The paperwork side of the trades can be overwhelming, but AI can help you increase productivity and reduce resource costs by streamlining documentation and administrative tasks. AI can:

  • Create detailed, step-by-step installation instructions in seconds,
  • Estimate job completion times and calculate productivity rates.
  • Quickly compose job documents such as construction delay letters, change order requests, RFIs, load calculations.

As you’ve seen with these four examples, AI can be a strategic ally to those in the trades industries. By embracing AI, businesses in the trades can

  • Improve time management with remote monitoring & diagnostic devices.
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty with channel marketing tools.
  • Offer better customer interactions with online chatbots.
  • Increase productivity with streamlined administrative tasks.

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