Extu Launches Platform Addition that Delivers Intent Data, Lead Scoring, Insights and Recommended Actions for Channel Partners

New platform feature gives channel partners at-a-glance insights into the most relevant customer and prospect to simplify follow up and drive sales.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 25, 2021 — Extu, a leader in through-channel marketing solutions for global IT partners and brands, announced the launch of its Insights Hub with the Account Profiling dashboard, an addition to the company’s through-channel marketing platform. Account Profiling gives partner companies data and insights to quickly identify their customers and prospects that are in-market in order to prioritize buyers that are exhibiting intent signals.

“With Account Profiling, we’re putting critical marketing data at the fingertips of channel partners in a simple, straightforward way and eliminating the need to buy expensive intent data from third-parties and then feeding that data into their CRMs,” said Extu CEO, Joel Montgomery. “While the intent data is valuable as a stand-alone, the fact that it is combined with their own campaign performance insights takes the key value to the next level, especially for smaller partners that might lack the resources available to utilize the data on its own.”

The Extu Account Profiling feature is part of Extu’s through-channel marketing (TCM) platform which is part of their TCM program that provides unique and tailored always-on marketing campaigns for partners that includes email marketing, social media content driving traffic to landing pages, as well as other demand and lead gen activities.

Account Profiling includes the following features:

  • Lead scoring per account based on buying behaviors and activities
  • Profiling data with signals that include… intent score, buying stage, location(s), keyword category(s) and top site visited
  • Insights into accounts that are ready to buy (and their search topics)
  • Actual activities logged against each account
  • Recommended “next step” actions based on scores and predicted readiness

Montgomery continued, “We know from our own research that brands need to do more to help partners – particularly SMBs – leverage their technology platforms because of time constraints and lack of resources, so offering partners the ability to leverage next-generation intent data tools to connect with customers represents a significant win-win.”

About Extu

Extu was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and has offices in Austin, TXLondon, UK, and Manila, PH. The company serves more than 3,500 channel partners, reaching four million buyers each month. Extu’s platform-enabled marketing solution drives more than 80 percent monthly partner participation and 22:1 ROI on attributable sales through a mix of high-quality digital marketing, innovative content, promotions and insights. Simple and easy to use, partners can approve and send their campaigns in as little as 5 minutes per month, becoming lead generation engines with limited effort. For more information about Extu, please visit: https://extu.com