Instant Rewards, Zero Hassle: Grow Your Business with GoTu Rewards

Tired of complicated reward programs? GoTu Rewards lets you instantly reward customers, employees, or salespeople for driving results – with NO onboarding, NO integration, and NO stress!

What if you could reward customers, employees, or salespeople instantly without all the hassle of having a corporate incentive program?

Just imagine – no onboarding, no integration, no stress. Well… it really is that simple with GoTu Rewards.

GoTu Rewards is a simple, low-cost online tool that lets you distribute big rewards for big results– without the big budget. In four easy steps, you could start rewarding your audience today!

Step 1 – sign up at Yep, that’s it.

Step 2 – Buy rewards. Just purchase the amount of reward points or gift cards you need.

Step 3 – Invite participants. Email your future reward-earners an invitation to your program and they can sign up instantly.

Step 4 – Reward. Watch your audience flourish with rewards they earn for actions that drive company growth.

With GoTu Rewards, your reward program’s launch is fast and effortless. And with a guaranteed SOC2 compliant system to protect sensitive data and a record of reward transactions, the risk is as low as the cost.

Pay as you go for rewards and *only* rewards – none of the other stuff you don’t need.

All while rewarding your audience with motivating rewards.

For points programs, our reward catalog has thousands of merchandise options, from home goods and media to tools, toys, and tech! For gift card programs, we have options to hundreds of the most beloved brand names and stores. Everything is just a few clicks away. If you’re ready for a revolution in rewards, sign up for GoTu Rewards today.