Extu Has a New Head Office in Atlanta!

Extu’s got brand new digs in Atlanta! Ditching the cubicle farm, they’ve traded in for a bright, open workspace in Ashford Greens. Why the move? To fuel collaboration, innovation, and employee happiness, of course.

This modern space, complete with a gym, on-site cafeteria, and ample meeting rooms, isn’t just about perks. It’s about creating an environment that reflects Extu’s global reach and open culture. Think less “Dilbert” and more “brainstorming with colleagues over a healthy lunch.”

But wait, there’s more! This new HQ isn’t just for show. It’s strategically located for easy access for employees and clients, making collaboration and growth even smoother. And if Atlanta wasn’t enough, Extu also has offices in Austin, Sydney, and the UK.

We’re still going strong as trusted channel technology partners, helping manufacturers and dealers retain and grow their business. And to make things even better, we recently launched GoTu Grow and GoTu Rewards, making our awesome solutions more accessible to small and mid-sized businesses.

So, if you’re looking for a company that values its people, prioritizes growth, and offers channel solutions without the clutter, keep an eye on Extu. We’re just getting started.

For more details on our move to a new head office, read the full press release.