Extu Launches GoTu Grow for the Building Industry

Effective, Affordable New Solution Designed to Drive Growth for SMB Building Companies

Extu Launches GoTu Grow for the Building Industry

ATLANTA, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Extu, a leading provider of channel marketing and sales solutions, has launched GoTu Grow, a game-changing new marketing platform for the building industry. With an affordable price and streamlined operation, this solution enables small and midsize (SMB) building companies to take major leaps in attracting and retaining channel partners, customers and prospects. It empowers companies of all sizes to engage their audience and drive revenue with award-winning, multichannel marketing campaigns.

“We’ve been running this platform for 7+ years, to over 3,500 channel partners worldwide in the tech sector, and we are excited to bring our expertise and learnings into the building industry,” said Omid Sedaghatian, Extu’s Chief Product Officer. “GoTu Grow is so quick to launch and easy to manage that you can essentially ‘set it and forget it,’ or easily swap out articles from our extensive content library. The proprietary technology will ensure that you stay top of mind with customized content that resonates with your existing and potential customers.”

Staying true to the innovative spirit of Extu, the GoTu Grow technology is integrated with AI tools. “We utilize AI for scalability and efficiency, as it narrows down vast amounts of news and insights to what’s most important to our customers’ audiences,” explains Sedaghatian.

Costing only $399 a month with no contracts required, GoTu Grow is very affordable compared to other alternatives. This allows SMB companies to adapt to budget and resource restraints without having to hire a marketer or manage a marketing team.

“The best-kept secret in channel marketing is usually the price, but not at Extu,” said the company’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Nichole Gunn. “Designed as a DIY channel marketing platform, GoTu Grow empowers you to scale your reach without scaling your budget. We offer the highest quality content at the lowest price point.”

Extu provides access to a robust content library specifically created for small and mid-market companies in the building industry. This enables users to reach their target audience with content that elicits positive attention and fosters brand loyalty. The solution will generate an automated newsletter with customized content that takes less than five minutes per month to send, and automated social media posts that resonate with target audiences.

Another notable advantage of GoTu Grow is that it is built with data security in mind, ensuring full compliance. Users can earn and keep their customers’ trust with strict, up-to-date privacy compliance and full retention of dashboards and contact lists.

“We developed GoTu Grow to meet the needs of the many building businesses that want a marketing solution that powers growth without a huge investment of time or money,” noted Mrs. Gunn. “Speed, security and affordability in a marketing solution are all in one package with incredible ROI.”

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