Engaged In Education With WOW Rewards

iN Education, Inc. recently revealed WOW Education Rewards, which is an incentive program that rewards and recognizes students for their hard work in school, and for their volunteer work and community service. WOW Education Rewards recently published a piece outlining the objectives and goals of this new incentive program, and how it will help engage students in strengthening their academic futures. Incentive Solutions is proud to announce that we were selected as the incentive program provider for this important initiative.

Jerry Ryan, one of our Sales Account Executives, is featured in the story due to his expertise in the field and his dedication to ensuring our students get the tools, motivation, and support they need toward building a successful academic career.

Incentive programs like WOW Education Rewards have produced an 8% increase in college-bound graduates. iN Education, Inc and Incentive Solutions are proud to be part of an initiative like this that invests in our nation’s most valuable and cherished resources – our children.