Get more from your through-channel marketing.

You deserve more channel wins.

Extu’s combination of technology, people, and data helps your channel partners to get more out of your TCM program. More education, more resources, more connections, and more sales. When your partners get more, you get more.   

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Extu offers more than the average through-channel marketing provider

Get more from your through-channel marketing

80% average monthly partner participation.  

Channel partner programs return only 12% partner participation, on average. Extu offers more, with through-channel marketing programs averaging 80% monthly partner participation. 

22:1 average ROI across all brands.

While other through-channel providers boast about helping ROI, Extu can prove it. Our receipt-based attribution model measures success by revenue, and on average, our programs deliver 22:1 revenue-based ROI. Mic drop. 

Get more from your through-channel marketing
Get more from your through-channel marketing

More time saved by partners every month. 

With an easy–to–use user experience, diverse content assets, and marketing campaigns tailored to audiences, the Extu TCM program helps partners generate leads in less than five minutes per month. That means more time spent winning over customers and less time finding them. 

Extu helps channel marketers get more out of channel partnerships. 

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