OneAffiniti Named High Performer in G2’s 2022 Fall Report

OneAffiniti Named High Performer in G2’s 2022 Fall Report

Alli Campofranco

Through-channel marketing software allows businesses to collaborate with agencies, channel partners (such as retailers, agents, distributors, resellers, etc.), and channel marketers to execute marketing campaigns. In G2’s 2022 Fall Report, OneAffiniti was ranked in the leader quadrant in Through Channel Marketing Usability. The following requirements must be met for a product to be eligible for inclusion in the through-channel marketing category:

  • Allow channel partners to access marketing materials, assets, and tools through an automated platform
  • Provide lead management capabilities, including lead nurturing, lead scoring, and lead tracking
  • Assist channel partners in implementing effective, scalable, and brand-compliant marketing campaigns
  • Provide reporting features to track the success of through-channel marketing programs, including but not limited to emails, events, digital advertising, etc.

The Through-Channel Marketing Usability Index generates scores for through channel marketing and highlights factors that contribute to the overall usability score. The factors used in scoring include ease of business, likely to recommend, and quality of support. OneAffiniti’s overall usability score was an 8.95.

Based on having high customer satisfaction ratings and low market presence in comparison to the other products in the category, OneAffiniti has been designated a high performer. 97% of users gave it a rating of 4 or 5, 79% of users said they think it’s going in a positive direction, and 94% of users said they were likely to suggest OneAffiniti. The following factors were also highlighted and given a high percentage rating: quality of support was given a 95%, ease of use: 94%, meets requirements: 93%, ease of admin: , and ease of doing business with: 97%.

OneAffiniti  was also named Most Implementable, Easiest Admin, Easiest Setup, and Fastest Implementation according to the report.