Supercharge Your Channel Marketing with These Smart Strategies

Supercharge Your Channel Marketing with These Smart Strategies

Savannah Bobo

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Channel marketing isn’t easy. As a channel marketer, you face all the same challenges a business-to-customer (B2C) marketer faces, i.e. your audience has no time for all the messages filling up their inbox, social media feeds, and Spotify ad breaks. You face an additional challenge that B2C marketers don’t have to worry about: your audiences put their own business’ reputation and resources on the line when they choose which products to buy. As a vendor, losing your buyers’ trust is detrimental, because a single channel partner contributes so much more revenue than the typical B2C customer does.

More so than B2C audiences, B2B buyers expect detailed information on the products they’re buying, in-depth knowledge from the sales reps they work with, and solid proof that they’re investing in a product or service that works. Let’s talk about how you can meet these expectations.

Put Product Details in Easy Reach

Imagine you have comprehensive details about all the products and services you offer. The challenge for you as a channel marketer is to ensure that this information reaches the right buyers exactly when they need it. Here’s how to make your product information both accessible and engaging:

Turn yourself into a go-to resource.

Maintaining a stream of consistent, high-quality channel marketing content. Position your brand as the first source that comes to mind when buyers are seeking information.

Diversify your content formats.

To capture attention, offer information in various multimedia formats. Start with engaging video tutorials and eye-catching infographics for those initial inquiries, followed by detailed PDFs or white papers for buyers ready to dive deeper.

Ensure your website is a gateway to knowledge.

Do you have helpful product information on your website? Is it easy to find? Tools like live chat and chatbots can engage visitors and save them time finding the information they’re looking for.

By transforming your approach to sharing product information, you not only satisfy your clients’ hunger for knowledge but also position your brand as the authoritative source in your industry. Make your data accessible and engaging, and you’ll see an increase in engagement and trust, which are critical for fostering long-lasting B2B relationships.

Solid Proof of Product Effectiveness

Proving the effectiveness of your product or service is crucial. There are two main ways you can prove your products/services work: having stand-out product reviews and testimonials, and encouraging referrals from existing buyers.

Leverage reviews and testimonials.

Highlight standout customer reviews and glowing testimonials across your marketing channels. These are gold in showcasing the benefits and real-world applications of your products.

Reward for referrals.

Getting more referred leads is the best way to get new business with trust baked right in. Referred leads have closing ratios of 50-70% vs. the typical 10-30% close ratio.

Referred leads are also 25% more profitable than other customers!

Reward customers who refer new customers by rewarding both referrer and referred with reward points or debit/gift cards—two reward options that give your customers their pick of exciting items.

Supercharge Your Channel Marketing with These Smart Strategies

Referred leads close rate

Supercharge Your Channel Marketing with These Smart Strategies

Typical leads close rate

Build referral requests into your sales and marketing process.

Whether you send an automated email a few days after they make a purchase, or immediately following a call with them, ask for referrals at the right time. The definition of “right time” can vary depending on the customer, the interaction, or the product/service you sell, but in general you want to ask for a referral as soon as the buyer uses your product or makes a purchase.

Demonstrating the real-world effectiveness of your products through reviews and robust referral programs not only boosts your credibility but also organically grows your customer base. Implement these strategies effectively, and you’ll turn your existing customers into a powerful marketing force, amplifying your reach and influence in the market.

Seamless Channel Marketing & Sales Enablement Alignment

To truly enhance channel marketing effectiveness, work toward seamless alignment between channel marketing and sales enablement. This alignment equips sales teams with the detailed product knowledge and strategic tools needed to tailor their approach to individual customer requirements effectively. Here’s how you can make this happen:

Deliver training and resources.

Provide ongoing training and accessible resources to ensure sales representatives are always up-to-date on product features, benefits, and applications. Deep product knowledge is crucial for accurately matching products to customer needs, so marketing should use its powers of automation and appealing presentation to make salespeople just as excited about product education as your customers are.

Create a sales and marketing feedback loop.

Establish a feedback loop between sales and marketing teams. Sales insights about customer reactions to products can help marketing teams refine their strategies and materials, thereby creating more effective marketing campaigns and sales pitches. Whether you’re having weekly meetings or using automated alerts to keep each other informed, sales and marketing should share their wins and their insights.

Provide customized sales materials.

Marketing has the power to make stuff look good. Remember that visuals and presentation are everything when it comes to conveying information to customers. Create tailored marketing materials that sales teams can use during their pitches. These should include case studies, testimonials, and detailed product comparison charts, which can help demonstrate the value of products in a way that resonates with B2B clients.

By focusing on these key areas, you can ensure that your sales teams are not just well-informed but are also capable of conducting highly effective, personalized sales engagements. This strategic alignment between channel marketing and sales will lead to better customer experiences, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, stronger business growth.

Final Words

By focusing on these strategies, you can elevate your channel marketing efforts above the standard fare, ensuring that your partners have every reason to trust in your products and your company. Remember, in B2B marketing, information and trust are the currency of choice. Invest wisely and watch your business relationships and revenues grow.