What makes merchandise rewards so motivating? The bragging rights.    

Merchandise rewards motivate because they’re tangible, meaningful and sharable. 

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Merchandise rewards can help you increase sales, customer loyalty, or employee motivation.

From outdoor grills to flatscreens, movie tickets to books, our rewards catalog caters to a variety of interests. With so much to choose from, your employees will have no problem finding something to work towards.   

Trophy value and instant gratification are the powerful motivators behind merchandise rewards programs. 

Trophy Value

Rewards are more exciting when they’re shared. Whether they show their friends in person or on social media, when participants talk about their prize, they will mention your rewards program. These conversations create a positive sentiment around your brand and make award redemptions all the sweeter for your employees. 

Instant Gratification 

When a participant does something outstanding, they can be awarded reward points instantly. This means they can redeem for a prize the same day they’re recognized for an achievement. An immediate consequence means a stronger relationship between action and reward, and a stronger desire to do the actions that are rewarded. 

These are the key benefits of partnering with us for your merchandise rewards program.

Our service provides these key benefits for more exciting, effective awards. 

Merchandise Rewards

Direct relationships with vendors. 

Because our online rewards mall integrates directly with our suppliers’ reward inventories, we can offer the latest and greatest products from today’s most in-demand brands. 

Merchandise Rewards

Real-time, updated selection. 

Our integrated catalog updates along with our suppliers’ stock, so participants always have newly released and on-sale rewards to check out, driving engagement and participation in your program. 

Merchandise Rewards

In-Store Pick-Up

In-store pick-up is available for many of our merchandise rewards. That means participants don’t have to wait once they redeem their points; they can pick up their reward and bring it home same-day. Instant gratification for a more powerful feeling of recognition.   

Merchandise Rewards work best in these types of programs.

Whatever your goals are for your incentive or rewards program, there is a reward best suited to your needs. These are the types of incentive programs we recommend pairing with merchandise rewards.

Merchandise Rewards

Channel Incentive Programs 

Merchandise rewards help make up for the disadvantage of being an indirect seller. You may not manage sales teams directly, but a rewards catalog with millions of items means you can still motivate partner sales reps.    

Merchandise Rewards

Customer Loyalty Programs 

Customer loyalty is a long-term goal. Because reward points can be accrued over time for big items such as electronics and furniture, merchandise rewards are a good option for customer loyalty strategies. 

Merchandise Rewards

Sales Incentive Programs 

With online and mobile technology, there doesn’t have to be any delay between action and reward. Sales reps receive rewards as soon as they make a sale—even if they’re on the go. 

Merchandise Rewards

Employee Recognition 

A merchandise rewards program has something for all of your employees, not just top performers. Average performers can earn basic rewards like movie tickets, motivating them to improve their performance. 

Customize your incentive program with these reward categories. 

Merchandise Rewards

Travel Booking 

Your program participants can use their points for an unforgettable family vacation or intimate get-away. Airline tickets, hotel accommodations, activities, cruises— whatever your participants need for a wonderful time.  

Merchandise Rewards

Event Tickets 

We partner with major event ticket vendors, so your participants can spend reward points on almost any event, including sporting events, concerts, musicals, festivals, and more. 

Merchandise Rewards

Uniquely Yours 

Want to offer your outstanding performers something special? Through our Uniquely Yours service, participants can redeem reward points for almost anything, from cars to college tuition to a fancy pet portrait. Whatever they want—we don’t judge.  

Merchandise Rewards


Giving feels good, and sometimes employees just want to support a good cause. Add a charity or non-profit to your rewards catalog to raise funds and promote awareness.